The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction

The Pick-Up Artist 2 (tv show) is a reality show on VH1 and iTunes, starring our very own Mystery and Matador. (Click for full article.)

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction (the book) is our new release from Villard books, by Mystery, author of The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed, and Lovedrop, author of Revelation.

Coming off the success of his first bestselling book, The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed, Mystery once again teams up with writer Chris Odom to "impart some pearls of wisdom," and this time, he has quite a story to tell. Just as his VH1 reality show The Pickup Artist is about to debut in the United States, Mystery and his crew have withdrawn to their gorgeous Miami mansion to get into shape and plot their next move. A one-on-one pua student, Adam, comes to stay at the house and get his every question answered. As a kaleidoscope of crazy pua characters enlivens the scene, Mystery begins to draw Adam deeper and deeper into his world, where he witnesses firsthand the pitfalls of the pickup artist lifestyle, and gains an intimate portrait of Mystery's ideas and struggles. Eventually Adam must decide whether the powers of the pua game are worth the surreal lifestyle that comes along with it. As the book progresses, Mystery and his partners, Lovedrop and Matador, travel from the sands of South Beach to the strip clubs of Las Vegas, criss-crossing the country to teach their seminars on pickup and seduction. They party in the Hollywood Hills, set up their own Pleasure Bubble, and taste the high life among the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan. Along the way, Mystery reveals the next level of game theory and technique, designed to catapult timid and insecure men into a world of confidence, attractiveness, and all-around success with women. Mystery serves another rich helping of knowledge this go-around, for those readers seeking his techniques…

• A list of all the triggers that create—and destroy—attraction

• A new way to approach strangers and start a conversation: microcalibrated openers

• Mystery’s most powerful humor technique, The Absurd—so you’ll never run out of things to say again

• A full chapter on physical escalation (touching, kissing, “making a move”)

• The solution to inner-game issues, for improved confidence

• A chapter on exotic dancers and strip clubs

• How to set up your pimp pad

• Mystery's philosophy on life

• Plenty of gambits

• And much, much more…

When it comes time for Mystery to reveal the secrets of physical escalation (touching, kissing, 'making a move') he says,

"Physical escalation is actually quite easy. Just read along with me, and I will show you how. Just do what I say and it will work. Don’t worry, it’s easy, and the moves I’m going to teach you will not get you rejected. Trust me, it’s fun and you can stop anytime. Now, let’s get right into it…"

With all the good advice in this book, Valentine's day is sure to be just a little less lonely this year. We didn't know it could be so easy, Mystery. Thanks for all the good work. The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction, by Mystery with Chris Odom. Foreword by Neil Strauss, author of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. Also by Mystery: The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed