St Patricks Day Tips for PUAs

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Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!

St Patrick’s Day is one of THE BEST nights of the year for sarging. And when it falls on a weekend, you can bet the whole weekend will be filled with green-tinted madness. I personally cannot wait for the adventures to get started. If you don’t have any plans to go out for St Patty’s I suggest you stop reading this and start making some calls. Nights like St. Patty’s are nights that no pick-up artist should miss!

That said, here’s my updated list of St Patty’s Day tips I posted on the forum from year after year of drunken leprechaun-themed hijinks. Enjoy!

Peacock Carefully

Tonight is your license to peacock. If you’ve never really gone all-out with peacocking before, then tonight is an amazing opportunity to experiment!

Make sure you stay with the green theme (walking around in bright orange feather boa will actually have the opposite effect tonight), but rock something more interesting than a green t-shirt that says “Kiss me I’m Irish”. Find some interesting glasses or a cool hat or a wicked tie and maybe even a light-up shamrock ring to wear. I’ll be wearing my shamrock John Lennon-style glasses and a light-up green lantern ring 🙂

On the other side of the coin, be careful not to go too far with so-called peacocking. There’s a fine line between “fun and cool” and “socially inept and weird”. You DO NOT want to look like this guy:

Everybody’s Drunk!
Tonight is the night when everybody is going to get drunk – or at least drunker than usual. So not only will pretty much everybody be looking to hook up tonight, but there will also be more people out on the town than normal! There are going to be LOTS of horny men and women roaming the streets tonight. As such, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

• One-night stands will be abundant. Lots of girls are looking to get drunk and get laid tonight. If your approach and delivery are even somewhat decent, most sets should hook.
• Just because people are more likely to wanna hook up tonight, doesn’t mean you should just forget the rules. In fact, because more women than normal will be somewhat more aware of their intentions for the night, ASD will typically be higher than normal. So play it smart make sure that you’re calibrating accordingly.
• Because everyone is a little drunker than normal, obstacles will be very protective of their friends. Make sure you spend enough time with them and befriend them! If they think you’re just some creeper trying to get with their tipsy friend, they’ll shut you down pretty quick.
• Because of the above, AMOGs will be everywhere. Be prepared for a lot of guys trying to bust in on your set, blow you out, or tool you. More alcohol plus more horny girls means more AMOGs. It could pretty much be a mathematical rule. Speaking of…

People Love To Fight
Maybe it’s just the areas where I have lived, but in my experience, tonight is one of those nights where a staggering number of people are out looking to get drunk and get in a fight. So 1) Don’t be that guy. It’s not alpha, it’s not cool, and it certainly wont get you the 10. And 2) Don’t get drawn into their bullshit. Befriend the wannabe AMOGs if you can, and then casually just cut him out of the set. Do whatever you need to do to get him out of there but don’t get drawn into a fight. It’s low value and, tonight of all nights, will definitely get you thrown out of the bar, if not arrested or seriously hurt.

You Can Get Away With Some Zany Shit
The great part about St. Patty’s day is that you can say or do some seriously outlandish things in the field, and even if you are miscalibrated people will just say “oh well it’s st. patty’s day – he’s just drunk” and then forget about it entirely. This means you can get away with all kinds of things tonight in the field that you normally wouldn’t think you’d be able to pull off. Got a new gambit you’ve been working on? Try it tonight! Got a new routine you’ve been practicing? Practice it in the field! Trying to get past that certain kino barrier? Blast past it in every set. Even if you totally fuck it up NO ONE IS GOING TO REMEMBER IT TOMORROW!

You Don’t Have To Be Irish
You will notice a lot of men and women tonight will claim to be Irish by some remote degree. “I’m 1/64th Irish! WHOOO! I love Ireland!” People always try to find reasons to fit in with the social situation. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wants to believe that they’re Irish. But you don’t have to be that guy. If you’re not Irish, don’t lie about it. In fact, you can even ask girls if they are Irish and bust on them if you think they’re lying. I’ve had great results with “Me? Actually I recently did some digging in my ancestry and it turns out that I don’t have any Irish blood at all! I was pissed! And then my roommate [I point to my girl roommate] told me that St. Patrick was actually British! So it kind of balances out….but it’s like nothing makes sense anymore!” and then I’d launch into another routine about something that doesn’t make sense. Last year, it was about how Pizza is now officially a vegetable according to the US congress (seriously, look it up!).

Grab Some Social Proof
This is one of those nights where nearly everyone goes out. Your targets, your girl friends, your pivots and wing-girls… chances are good that they are all going somewhere for St Patty’s. Take charge and come up with a plan (remember that Leader of Men attraction switch) that involves getting all or as many of them as you can together in one venue. Seriously, if you are reading this and you don’t have a plan, start looking up bars and calling people right now.

Roll into your favorite pub with your best mates and a swarm of girls from different social groups, and you will rule that venue.

Pre-Party At Your Place
Have people over to your place to pre-drink and get ready. Find some Irish drinking songs to put on your playlist, hang out and have some beers, and then head out together to the bar. Just don’t stay at your place too long or it might be hard to get a large group of people into the bar at once. So…

Get There Early
Make sure you plan to get to whatever venue you’re going to with enough time to avoid line-ups as well. Most of the good bars and pubs here in Toronto are going to be madhouses after 8pm and I would imagine it will be similar in other cities.

Have An Afterparty
Bars and clubs close, as they are inclined to do, at 2 or 3 in the morning. But St. Patty’s, like New Years and Halloween, are the nights where the single people just don’t want to go home yet. So obviously, having a place to bounce your sets to after the bar is a must. Maybe it’ll just be a bite to eat before you head back to your place, or maybe your buddy is throwing a full-blown party. Either way, have some options for the evening – or at least create some for yourself!

Don’t Be On The Prowl
Although this should just be a rule for any time you go out to a social gathering, it especially applies to nights like St. Patty’s, New Years, Hallowen, etc, when everyone is out looking to hook up. If you’re the guy peacocked in the fuzzy green hat, walking around the venue – alone – while looking for girls to open, you will destroy your value and absolutely wreck the room before you even approach anybody! It will be obvious to anyone who sees you stalking around that you are just out to hook up with some drunk girl on St. Patty’s Day, which makes you just like all the other AFCs out there. Instead, roll in with your friends (ideally, this should include girls!), have some drinks and share some laughs and don’t worry about scanning the room for sets to open. Women will be naturally attracted to a fun group of people who are laughing and smiling and having a good time. Create a power-base that women will give proximity to and open people nearby. Merge your sets and create a massive, socially proofed vortex of green-beer-fuelled fun! And you will be the one who created it all. From there, the game will be easy.

Cheers Everybody
It’s the best way to open on nights like this. Smile, make eye-contact, shout “CHEERS!” and clink glasses (or more likely, plastic cups). Then launch into anything you want: an opener, a cold read, a quick DHV story if the situation is favorable. Everybody should be high-energy so it should be really to engage the set if you come in with just slightly more energy.

So get out there and run wild gentlemen! Drink some delicious green beer, wear a funny green hat, and chat with some lovely green girls! I hope to see some wild field reports the next day.

Or maybe the day after.

I know how hard it is to write FRs when you’re hungover.

Happy St. Patty’s Day sarging!


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