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  •  Includes over 13 CD’s ( Over 180 tracks)
  • Narration performed by LoveDrop
  •  Understand all PUA Concepts
  • Apply towards purchase of Any Full Bootcamp

What You’re Getting With The
Mind of Mystery Audio Home Study Course …

  • How to use jealousy plotlines to let the women duke it out for your attentionwhile you sit back, relax, and considering a threeway “make up” session.  Disc 1
  • A very minor behavioral change to skyrocket your value – This technique can be the difference between striking out and taking home the girl you want.  Disc 1
  • The right game plan you need the second your foot steps in the clubWarning: don’t let this common mistake ruin your evening before it begins!  Disc 2
  • Ever feel “stalled out” when you’re talking to a woman?  Learn how to easily handle any type of “test” she might throw your way.  And she *will* test you.  Disc 2
  • The ethical mind control tactics to instantly inject any emotion into each person you meet – The secrets to instant charisma that’ll have even the sexiest women in the venue eyeing you.  Disc 2
  • A simple body language technique to instantly elevate your value to everyonewithin ‘shotgun range.’  Disc 3
  • The one critical rule so important that each of my instructors swear to follow it, and if I catch them not abiding by it, they’re gone.  You don’t want to miss this.  Disc 3
  • An easy trick for starting conversations with the type of woman that most guys wouldn’t even try to approach – Let them stand back and admire your ‘courage’ while you have the hottest girl in the club hanging on to every last word that you speak.  Disc 3
  • Two simple solutions for the once-thought ‘impossible’ moving set.  Think you can’t stop her dead in her tracks?  Think again.  Disc 4
  • The one lesson other pick-up artists teach that’s been backfiring on their students time and time again – find out why, and how to do it the right way.  Disc 4
  • A sneaky shortcut to slice your time in transforming from chump to champ, cultivated from years of testing.  This will dramatically increase your results,getting you the women you want quicker than ever.  Disc 4
  • The seemingly obvious attraction trigger that most guys get stuck on, draining her interest and making her move on.  Don’t let this simple mistake ruin your sets!  Disc 5
  • The lifestyle secret that only 1% of guys get right.  Absolutely essential for closing the deal.  Get this down and the women who enter your life will never want to leave.  Disc 5
  • Warning: Use *EXTREME* caution with this gambit!  May cause an uncontrollable urge for beautiful women to burst with tension, throwing themselves in your arms …without you even making a single move.  Disc 6
  • The simple 3 step mind trick for directing anyone’s emotions.  Push and pull her, giving her the experience of a lifetime, as you game your way to bed with her.  Disc 6<
  • My personal ‘go-to’ influence technique that I use in every single set that I go into.  Almost guaranteed to have your target laser-focused on you, and you alone.  Disc 7
  • The underground gambit that’ll have you biting her neck, and her begging you for more.  You won’t believe just how easy this is to do.  Disc 7
  • How to convert the angriest of women into the most passionate of lovers.  Most men only wish they knew this secret tactic to change her attitude at the snap of your fingers.  Disc 7
  • Ever feel like you never get the results that the so-called “experts” seem to get?  This step-by-step approach will guide you through your material like a hot knife through butter, finally exposing what so many other guys get wrong.  Disc 8
  • One of the biggest mistakes in the game is assuming that ‘the guy’ is always with the girl you want to approach.  Use this technique to quickly identify the situation… You’ll be surprised just how often he’s either a friend, or a guy she just met.  Disc 8
  • How to deal with jackass guys that try to one-up you and mess up your game, but without coming off as try-hard or posessive.  Once you know how to deal with this potential objection, there won’t be another guy who can stop you, and the way you confidently deal with them is a HUGE attraction switch for her.  Disc 8
  • My simple one-hand technique for cutting down even the most aggressive alpha male, leaving them shaking with frustration as I take back the set.  Also a great routine for raising your value in any group!  Disc 9
  • The line that diffuses any aggressive guy before he ever gets started.  Paint him into a corner to where his only option is to leave, rather than humiliating himselfand getting laughed at by the girls.  Disc 9
  • The “bring home” tactic that almost every pick-up artist gets wrong!  An instant, unfair advantage once you learn the right way to do this.  Disc 10
  •  several tests women often do, usually to the surprise (and horror) of most men.  Knowing how to pass these tests is key for getting her home with you.  Disc 10
  • My powerful persuasion technique to ‘shell shock’ her and have her following my every command.  You’re going to flip out when you hear this.  Disc 10
  • The ‘silver bullet’ system to skyrocket your chances of taking her home at the end of the night.  Deadly effective when used correctly!  Disc 11
  • simple-to-use technique to cast a golden halo around you, making opening and commanding sets nearly effortless.  Even in loud, busy environments.  Disc 11

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LoveDrop delivers 5+ hours of conversational explanation of the Method and how it applies to you! Learn the theory behind MM how it evolved and the practical application of its steps in the field. LD explains personal behavior the ‘why’ behind a female’s interaction to your existence and how you can use her natural emotional senses to escalate any situation into a bedding or long term relationship.


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