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    Hooking difficult members of a set with this line

    Hey you! Do you remember me?

    If she says no or acts like she doesn't, act mildly surprised but don't tell her where you know each other from ("Oh so you don't remember! Fine then, I won't even say where from" said playfully)

    I haven't tried this yet, do you guys think it is transparent or a big DLV?

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    Hooking difficult members of a set with this line

    No sir... I don't like it.

    You say do you remember me... 3 responses are possible, none of which I would think are very appealing.

    1. She says yes, she remembers you. This is the best thing, I think, but it still sucks, because you KNOW that she really doesnt and is lying or worse she THINBKS she DOES remember you and now you have to play along like you actually remember her...It's just weird.

    2. She says no, because she honestly doesnt remember you, but she's giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have met at some point. What does that say about you? You remember her, she doesnt remember you? I say instantly her value is better than yours.

    3. She says no, and KNOWS you two have never met. Instant DLV because she knows you are making shit up to talk to her. Not good.

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    Hooking difficult members of a set with this line

    The ONLY way something like that will work is if you take it all the way over the top, approach, hug her like a friend you haven't see in 10 years, full blown OMG how've you been? type thing. She'll obviously not know who the hell you are, but with that frame, she'll be wracking her brain trying to figure out how she knows you. By then you've stacked, you're hooked and in set so it won't matter.

    If she asks:

    HB: Do I know you?
    YOU: If you're interesting will. *stack*

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