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    Long Time No See

    I haven't logged on here for a while. I know y'all miss me.

    I pulled two girls from a bar this last Friday, and I got them to come back to my apartment to show them my artwork on my walls. They were sisters. April, the one who was really into me, I made out with in their car as they were taking me to my car before we left. So I got her worked up for me. And then I had April drive with me in my car to my place to prevent flaking and to keep her going with our conversing.

    We got to my apartment, and I had them lay on my floor to give them a masage. They were cool with this and wanted this because I introduced them to my sister who is a masage therapist at the bar earlier on in the night. Kyla, the other sister was not as into me as April was. April and I started making out more while Kyla was laying on the floor. The making out got more intense and exclusive, and Kyla just up and left. She said something as she went out the door. I felt bad that I did not involve Kyla more. Kyla is married however, and I did not want to fool around with a married woman at that point.

    April stayed with me the whole night. I finger banged her, and ate her out off and on throughout the night, but for some reason she didn't let me penetrate her. Could this be ASD? I have protection and all too. In the morning I just whacked it and unloaded an ugodly amount. Made my bed a soaker. She was not very responsive to me in the morning also. I brought her back to her sisters in the morning, and got a little kiss. She left her jacket at my place, and I called her to tell her that I want to give it back to her. She never called back. She already went back to Texas, so there's no way she's going to get it back. Is this needy, nice-guy behaviour that I called her to try to get her jacket back to her. She was a nice full breasted brunette Irish girl. Probably about an HB8-9.

    Please give me some insight here.


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    Long Time No See

    I'm going to answer my own thread here because I learned something. I talked to a good friend of mine and he gave me some good insight into this instance. He told me that these girls were ripe for the picking at the time I met them. Sure, I could have turned them off to me if I layed on some AFC behaviour, but I did the right moves. There were windows of opportunity to play game on them throughout the night. So, I knew about some of these windows, and took the opportunities to build buying temperature.

    I think April was looking for a one-nighter. Period. I was too. Period. Since I will not hook up again with her, I will find 'nother. So I got an email addy from a chick I met at Coronado Mall yesterday. She is almost a 10. I asked her my most common opener: who do you think the best artist in the world is? She said Leonardo Da Vinci. I found out she's from Washington, is studying clinical psychology, and is "in a relationship." LOL. I got her email addy anyway.

    Thank you eVan.

    Your welcome.


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