From what I can tell these are the differences:

Insult two types

1) a sentence that is semantically (word structure) a compliment but uses sarcastic vocal delivery to negate it. So a sarcastic compliment. Often delivered with either a sneering vocalization or facial expression or both.
e.g. Wow, thats one SWEET mullet bro.

2) a sentence that is both semantically (word structure) antagonistic as well as vocally (speech tone) antagonistic.
e.g. Do you sleep with your dog, because you smell like him.

Neg one type

1) A neg is an insult that has the edge taken off it by being delivered as a compliment. It often has two parts. A question designed to imply less worth about some aspect of the person followed by an accommodating statement that acknowledges that worth has been lowered but without rejecting or being derogatory.
e.g. Do you sleep with your dog? Its ok, I think all those little white hairs are cute.


Any further clarification/ideas would be helpful. These definitions may be edited as I acquire more information from fellow forum members.