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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult

    From what I can tell these are the differences:

    Insult two types

    1) a sentence that is semantically (word structure) a compliment but uses sarcastic vocal delivery to negate it. So a sarcastic compliment. Often delivered with either a sneering vocalization or facial expression or both.
    e.g. Wow, thats one SWEET mullet bro.

    2) a sentence that is both semantically (word structure) antagonistic as well as vocally (speech tone) antagonistic.
    e.g. Do you sleep with your dog, because you smell like him.

    Neg one type

    1) A neg is an insult that has the edge taken off it by being delivered as a compliment. It often has two parts. A question designed to imply less worth about some aspect of the person followed by an accommodating statement that acknowledges that worth has been lowered but without rejecting or being derogatory.
    e.g. Do you sleep with your dog? Its ok, I think all those little white hairs are cute.


    Any further clarification/ideas would be helpful. These definitions may be edited as I acquire more information from fellow forum members.

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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult

    The path to daring and originality is paved with hell.

    I have been experimenting with my disqualifiers and negs in the field. It has caused me embarrassment, humiliatation and I have come across as an arsehole. At other times, I have had amazing success.

    Everytime I have come across as an arsehole, I have made a simple sequencing mistake of negging the target before opening the group. For instance, I might say to a obstacle in the first interaction, "Is your friend always that sassy", instead of opening the set with a laugh or an opinion opener. Pretty stupid, huh?

    In addition, all too often I have forgotten in the heat of the attraction stage that a "neg" is not meant to be negative, it is a negative compliment. Once again, I have been negative because I have either been too self-conscious or too focused on the target, instead of being fun, flirty and enjoying playing a game.

    However, I try not to be too hard on myself. While I may have blown my sequencing, the interaction with the group is often continuing and this can give me a chance to relax, salvage something from interaction and practice my storytelling skills. It can even give my partner-in-crime a chance to step in and demonstrate higher value (being the opportunistic bastard that he is!)

    It's all practice, practice, practice. The more mistakes I have made, the better I have got. Concepts that I have read, have started to become a reality. I still make major boo-boos, but with less frequency. I am adopting to my situation faster and it shows most in my non-verbal communication and tonality. With practice, the method has become part of who I am and how I act.

    Sometimes, I still need to blow a set early in the night to think, "Fuck it, let's just have fun." From there, I can relax, smile more, let my eyes twinkle and be more cheeky. Strangely, I also find that I begin to use far more "Dee-ques" than straight negs. I'm sure that on a subconsious level, DQs are more Alpha than a neg.

    The road to becoming a PUA can be paved with hell, but when I am in a state of flow, I can astound myself with moments of daring and originality. It is these precious moments when I both remember the rules of the Game and am able to completely forget about them that are gold.

    Sure, the ghosts of arsehole moments can haunt me from time to time. I still have shocking nights, but these seem like bad hair days, rather than some innate reflection of my character.

    Trying to become a PUA has allowed me to be more positive and built my self-esteem better than any other pursuit. It is turning me into a real man.

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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult


    I think you've got the right idea, but since when you deliver a neg it will not be logically analyzed, I don't think you should over-analyze what constitutes a neg or an insult. Base it on FEELING, like SHE would.

    You know how you feel when someone insults you. You know what is an insult vs. what was merely PLAYFUL. Negs are meant to be delivered playfully, with a smile. They're meant to lower her defenses and make her feel a bit insecure while telegraphing a lack of interest on your part... NOT to make her feel like shit or completely grind her value into the ground. You're not trying to AMOG or disrespect her, you're trying to equalize the playing field.

    The moment you cross the line into a social violation by being rude, you DLV yourself. So avoid committing a social violation with your neg. Check out the Violation Theory thread by Lovedrop in the articles section.

    So everytime you think of a neg, ask yourself: If someone said this to ME, how would I feel? Would I find it insulting? Would I feel like they're disrespecting me and coming off as rude? If the answer is yes, don't use it.

    So don't over-think it.... FEEL the neg and the delivery. Remember to be playful while showing her that she doesn't intimidate you. SMILE. And once her shield is down, stop negging otherwise she will also perceive the continued negs as rude.

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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult

    I agree with AW, but look at it in much more simple terms:

    In terms of PU, the main difference between a NEG and an INSULT is in CALIBRATION and DELIVERY.

    A woman's perceived value of herself will dramatically affect how she responds:

    If you haven't calibrated and hit an HB8 with the type of neg that works on SHB11's you'll insult her. If you hit an SHB11 with the type of subtle neg that works on an HB8, you'll get blown out, if you even get noticed at all.

    If your delivery isn't tight, you won't come off C/F, you'll come off Arrogant and Cocky which equals prick to most women.

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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult

    Very good points guys (especially yours Azazels).

    Still if you read some of the stuff badboy has written on hb10's, he basically reccomends amoging them... Thoughts?

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    Difference between a Neg and an Insult

    Quote Originally Posted by dustinash View Post
    Very good points guys (especially yours Azazels).

    Still if you read some of the stuff badboy has written on hb10's, he basically reccomends amoging them... Thoughts?
    There's different ways to AMOG...some are subtle, some are more crude. When you think about it, there's AMOGing through

    -Demonstrating higher value than anyone else present
    -Calling out a social violation
    -Positive misinterpretation
    -Putting sexual orientation into question
    -Differences in energy levels
    -Bullying the weaker

    And probably more I'm just not thinking of. Some methods will allow you to retain your value, while others give you temporary alpha status but still leave you open to being AMOGed by others. Some could DLV you in the presence of a girl.

    So yes, some alpha HBs will try to AFOG you right away, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to reassert your dominance, or at least demonstrate that you're just as alpha as she is. A neg such as saying "Is she always like this?" while looking at her friend could be seen as a subtle way to AMOG, whereas looking at her purse with a sneer and saying "Nice purse! Where did you get it, a garbage dump?" will DLV you for being an obnoxious, insulting douchebag.

    Like BangBang said, you do have to calibrate.

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