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    Getting over someone

    I figured why the hell not...

    This is simple, silly, and it works!... If you have a picture of someone that you maybe have One-itis for, someone that you reeeeally like... a LOT! or simply someone you just wanna get over. TRY THIS OUT!

    First, this assumes you have a digital photo of them, if not, try to obtain one.
    Second... load this photo into some paint program on your computer, it could be anything... Paint, photoshop, paintshop, GIMP!!! *which is free so theres no excuse here!* It does not matter... just load tha damn thing!

    Now... GO NUTTZ!!!

    The focus here is to take this pic and edit, play, and tweak with it to make her/him look soooo damn rediculous to you that when you see a photo of them in the future you can't help but think back to this photo you completly FUBAR'd and just laugh your ass off!

    It helps to "get in the moment" while your at it... Do things to help your subconscious play along with you. This means talk out loud to yourself, saying things like "loook look look at them horns! and yellow teef!" or w/e... point is, make it fun, and funny! Joke around with yourself, put on some funny ass music *I like banana phone personaly* and just fuk around till you feel sooo damn stupid, but in a funny way that you honestly just dont give a shit anymore. Do this as many times, on as many days as you feel you need to. What will end up happening is...

    When you see this person, be it in picture, or person... Those lil circuits in your brain will go from fireing off and hitting "bad" emotions... to fireing off and hitting "happy" emotions... and you will no longer feel mad/sad/etc... but rather feelings of good humor, and will prolly even laugh and hum that funny song you were playing as you walk off and away from them, leaving them wonderin why tha hell YOUR feelin so good and they are feelin confused.

    TRY IT... it works, if you let it.

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    Getting over someone

    Indeed I does
    ...also, I should make mention. This will not cause you to simply "get over" someone... but it does help, and makes for a good laugh in the process.

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    Getting over someone

    Best thing to do is never get under someone, no pun intended.

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