It was an amazing bootcamp. Seeing Mystery work the hole patio so
easily with lots of hot girls and intimidating guys was inspiring.
He taught me a really good opener that works every time I use. I'm
not gonna share it with you by the way! For the first time in my life
I got to clubs, , opened hot girls and got lots of kino! sarging with
Matador was awsome. He opened and kiss closed hot girls in a matter of
few minutes. I never thought that was possible. I also got lots of
useful material to use at different stages of pickup from opening to
sex. I got to learn the latest technology in pickup and how to handle
different situations. It was life changing. I will never forget it.
I hope to see Mystery and Matador again.


I have some special sticking points particular to myself due to my
background. I wish I had the opportunity to discuss them with
Mystery. So my suggestion is to have a session with instructors only
for sticking points.