Hey everybody I'm new around her. I'm Rims and this is going to be my first FR ever and in my opinion I didn't do too badly at all. Hopefully you guys can give me some sweet feedback and advice that I can put into action in the future. Eh, I hope it's not too long for you guys. I have a bad habit of writing a lot. This is all taking place in just outside of Ottawa, the locations might not be familiar. Sorry :P

(Saturday night lead up, party for the Polish)
So on Saturday night I went to a party in Aylmer for a friend of mine who is going away to China soon. Great crowd and lots of HBs that I haven't met before. Bonus! I show up in some of my best peacock gear (big black fedora, two-tone swing shoes, and these huge chunky black and white glasses I stole from my little sister). Entire party validates me by complimenting my gear and the general fact that I'm a great guy I guess. I walk in, do the basic greeting of my friends. Walk into the kitchen get some cheap beaded necklaces onto the girls there

ME: It's okay you don't have to take off your shirts
Girls: *all giggling*

They all compliment my attire and I get my arm around them all. Then I spot this shy little petite girl with glasses and braces, I melt inside. I walk up to her, plop my hat on her head

ME: Here, you guard this for me.
Braces: *smile* Okay, what's your name?
ME: Rims, you?
Braces: Shawna
ME: That's a pretty name, I gotta go though. Take care of my hat!

I wander down to the basement. While I'm down there one of my friends starts flirting with me and tells me that she's bunking with me tonight. Wow, I didn't even have to try. I keep sarging all the girls at the party anyway. This is for the best because a few hours later she comes, gives me a really close and mushy hug (she's digging my cologne I hear her breathe in and give that sexy sigh) then she tells me she has to leave and appologizes. Oh well, there's still Shawna.

I make my way back up stairs, spot her easily because of the hat.

ME: Hey! You're the one who stole my hat!
Her: No, you gave it to me!
ME: I've never seen you in my life. I'm Rims *hold out my hand*
Her: *giggles* You're funny. Do you remember my name?
ME: Yeah, Shawna. Did I tell you that's a really pretty name *put my arm around her*
Her: Actually yeah *giggle*

I gotta go, I still leave her with my hat. Some how the hat makes it's way back down to the basement where I'm taking it easy. Just shooting some pool and smoking a joint. I get my hat back on head up stairs. There one of my AFC friends asks me for his hat. Say's this girl won't make out with him without it. I give it to him. Later I find him making out with braces on the couch, she's wearing the hat. I laugh it off and tell people around the party, "You see that? People have to pretend to be me to get action!". I walk up to them still making out, pluck the hat off her head "I said you could borrow my style, not hijack it," total cockblock I know but I'd pee'd on that tree first. He ends up falling asleep on her hahaha, too much beer I guess. I walk around, sarge some more girls, they're all too drunk (boring).

I see braces later sitting on a couch alone. I approach her, slap the hat on again and plop down right beside her

ME: Heya, I saw you getting friendly with my friend AFC
Her: Yeah, he fell asleep on me *rolls her eyes*
ME: *playing dumb* Wow, that's pretty lame
Her: Yeah haha

I get my arm around her and then notice one of my friends across the room giving me a cold stare. He showed up with her but I know for a fact that they aren't dating, he has another gf. As I'd find out later Braces is his gf's good friend. Oh well. Maybe he has history with her. Wouldn't be the first girl that he was with that I ended up dating or hooking up with. His stare is getting creepy though so I decide to back off. Long story short I head downstairs, smoke another joint, and end up passing out on a couch. I wake up after noon and shes gone, shit I didn't number close. Oh well. I get home and she added me to facebook... BONUS! I figure I'll get her number later.

(Monday night, Le Petit Chicago)

Monday night I take my peacocking to a whole new level. I throw on my three piece zoot suit. It's black with lime green pin stripes and I top it off with a lime green tie and my gear from Saturday night. I am a walking eye magnet. I walk into the bar and get immediate validation, all my friends are in an uproar "Oh shit! You're here! Sweet suit!" entire bar notices me, jazz band is playing in the back, a couple HB7's eye me from the bar (I give them my crooked bad-boy smile). I sit down, my ex is there she better not ruin my game. My friend who wanted to bunk with me the other night is there, bonus. After saying hey to everybody and get more kino from the girls than they do from their boyfriends I head up to the bar to get my frist drink. Introduce myself to the bartender, get his name, and get a jack and coke. I call him by name for every proceeding drink, give him a good tip after every one so he'll always come to serve me first in line, and he has my drink memorized after an hour and a half and I only got two drinks. Instant validation in the establishment and half my friends are getting the same drink as me after two hours. Win.

Okay, I'm skipping ahead. So back to the start haha. After five minutes I turn my head and look behind me and there is braces sitting with creepy-stare AFC and his gf. Plop my hat on her head again.

ME: Hey there, can you guard my hat again tonight?
Her: *eyes glaze over* Oh my god! You're here! Of course!
(Done deal)
ME: I'll talk to you later, I have to talk to these chumps over here.

I needed to get her away from creepy stare and his gf, it's difficult. I head out for a smoke, I left mine at home so I end up easily charming as many as I want out of the ladies there. I probably don't even ever need to buy smokes in my life. Oh well. When I strut back inside I pull the lint in hair trick on braces

ME: *kino* You had this in your hair *put the lint on the bar beside her*
Her: *giggle* thanks

I go back to my table. She gave me the puppy eyes buy creepy satre was still there. FUCK! Anyway I do the same lint trick when I come in from my next smoke. She's like "OMG! Whaaaat?" and checks her hair for more. Creepy eyes says something about me probably taking it out of my belly button. If I don't acknowledge it though he didn't say it. I go back to my table. More ladies show up and I have them eating out of my hand. Another cute girl with glasses I met a couple times shows up. I tell her a story about how my friend punched me in the face on friday night and my teeth are fucked up now (true story!). I take her hands and put them on both sides of my face and ask her if she can feel a difference. I forget what she said, it doesn't matter. Her eyes light up. Then I get the feeling that she might be there with someone so I back off, these are my friends after all. If anything I can set myself up as a rebound. Need to get her number some time.

Braces comes by and plops my hat back on my head saying that she has to go. I get a good hug out of her and call it that. Creepy stare is still there and I can't get up the guts to do anything. I let it go and give my focus to the rest of the ladies, I might not get anything but at least I can have fun right? Time flies, maybe an hour. I see braces waiting by the door. WTF? She's not gone yet?

I go up to make my move. I put my arm around her and tell her to come with me and I lead her to the back of the bar behind a curtaineed off area. I pull out my cell phone and tell her that she needs to give me her number. She gets nervous (good nervous though) and gives me her number. I give her a kiss on both cheeks and send her on her way. I've got a day 2 set up for tomorow. I haven't even talked to this girl for a total of twenty minutes in my life so that leaves a lot of conversation open. Any feedback on my FR and advice for my day 2 is welcome