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    Tactics to Getting Out of the Black Hole that is the Friend Zone

    What are some effective tactics to getting out of that dreaded black hole that is the friend zone? (As Jlaix says - "Nothing can escape it. Not even light.")

    Got this from thundercat's seduction lair:

    Tip #1. Pick up girls in front of her.

    This one should be used only occasionally or else you will seem like a dyck. Doing this may spark a hint of jealousy.

    Tip #2. Talk about other girls to her.

    No I don't mean COMPLAIN. Talk about what a great time you had on a date with a girl you met two weeks ago. You could even tell you about the sexual things you guys did. It's best to talk about this stuff when it's late at night when she's horny. Don't talk too much about this in the beginning.

    Tip #3. KINO!

    Ahh the great KINO. Light KINO in the beginning. Turn it up a couple knotches as time goes on. Getting out of the friend zone may take some time.

    Tip #4. Ask personal questions.

    Ask open-ended personal questions. Ask questions about her favorite memories, what she likes, etc. Get to know her more. As time goes on integrate sexual questions. What she likes and such.

    Tip #5. Mystery.

    Don't always be available. Don't hang out with her too long in a day. Start hanging out with her less but keep hanging out with her. Don't change too much at once.

    TIP #6. (The make or break tip)

    After weeks of using Tips 1-5 have her maybe at your house or you can be at hers. Plan a late-night movie. KINO good throughout the night. As the movie is playing talk to her. Get her in the mood by asking her more questions about sex. Look deep into her eyes. Now this is most important: GRAB YOUR B@LLS AND KISS HER! You should know what to do from there.

    What are you guys' tricks and tactics for it?


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    Tactics to Getting Out of the Black Hole that is the Friend Zone

    It's an inefficient use of my time to try to fix old mistakes when I could be going out and meeting new women. Besides, women can be great friends too.

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    Tactics to Getting Out of the Black Hole that is the Friend Zone

    If you use her as a pivot, you could trigger preselection, have kino going, and then just neg her, qualify her ("dude, you're *whatever it is* OMG I've always loved *whatever* You're making me nervous. I can't even talk to you now." ) and continue escalation to k-close.

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    Tactics to Getting Out of the Black Hole that is the Friend Zone

    I definitely agree with ChE on keeping your options open, and having great female friends.

    However, I think Thundercat covered it quite well. Basically, you need:

    -An attraction spike ..... and he's emphasizing pre-selection here, and some willingness to emote. Making yourself less available implies a hint of willingness to walk away...

    -Kino escalation.... since you got stuck in comfort without enough kino escalation

    -Statement of intent.... the frequent sexual talk and interest in her own sexual preferences will give her the message and plant the idea in her mind.

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