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    value for the forum

    the following are instances where I had the most success at cold approach pickup.

    Instead of texting have conversations with the woman either in person or on the phone.

    don't go for a bounce or move until you've hooked the set.

    I've had a higher success rate if I called the woman that night or sometime very near from when I met her.

    show the big or unattractive women love in the group and then switch to the hot hb's

    be very disciplined and do not deviate from your routine stack or proven material.

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    I’m gonna show my buddy this list. He makes such stupid mistakes.

    He’s smart about talking to her in person or on the phone rather than texting. He just isn’t very good at texting.

    He does try to make moves before he hooks the set ALL THE TIME. Oh my god it pisses me off because I can just see him failing and the girl is so uncomfortable. Then he tries to go in for a kiss and it’s like DUDE WTF are you doing???! He’s so stupid sometimes.

    He’s pretty good about calling her the same day.

    He doesn’t show a great amount of attention to the social circle. He just focuses on the one he wants and just ignores or is rude the rest. Idiot.

    He tends to deviate from the proven material and resort to what he knows. He does know some things, but there is a time and place for everything which I don’t think he knows yet. You can’t use the same shit on every single girl in different settings and expect the same results.

    Good post, Cassadon. Cheers, brother

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    Thanks man, theirs also alot of insight in your reply man. Also, their is a time and place for everything and it took me a while to realize that as well.. Calibrating to your environment was a huge sticking point of mines.

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