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    March 16th Alone Club Experience

    Hi Guys,

    So I went to the club alone again. The club was very crowded and messy, so I could
    not open groups by that time. I standed at the bar again and open a few sets.

    I went out, to the terrace and got eye contact with a girl that was in a group. I did not open but I just read something in MM. When someone is in a group in a club, looking around the place and not the group, is because that person is waiting for something cool to happen and that's not something that creates value. Nevertheless, Mystery pointed that to us, ppl who are learning the game. But what I learned is that girls (hot or not) do the same thing. They do it unconsciously. So, from that experience, when you see that happens, is a good time to open the group. I'll put that in practice and let you guys know.


    Eduardo Carrera

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    You're taking strides ahead man. Just keep going man, you'll get your payoff. I'm a little shocked at what I've been accomplishing lately, it's crazy because I never knew that some of these things were possible lol.

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