Hi guys!

I went to an English meetup today and I took the bus. I was sitting beside a girl... she wasn't very pretty, but I wanted to approach her just for practice. It went very well. I wasn't interested, but the girl seem to be very comfortable with me.

When I get to the meetup, there was this tall blonde in a 5 set... all men but her... So I did my anxiety exercise (inhale as much as I can very slowly and then exhale slowly as well) and approach the set. Told them the 2 chicks fighting opener and when I was explain it I was looking the guys only... and yes... the start to get crazy... she talking to me, I did not look at her... She laugh with me, I didn't look... She grabbed my arm, I didn't even look. Then I only talk to her to neg her (crusty in the eye) I was very neutral when I said it... she went down.. I could see it in her face. Everything was going great: I had all attention and got to be the center of the group. Untill, one guy who was talking to her goes for a beer and she left with him... my game was blowed away.

When I neg her, I thought she got mad at me... later I discovered she wasn't.

Later that night, I wanted to keep practicing on my game. So I went to the club by myself and gosh is hard.

I can say that clubs are the places where I suck the most. Girls defenses are so hard, music is too loud, there lots of ppl going everywhere. Where I live it's almost impossible to separate a 2 set or getting both comfortable. Usually, what happens is that one is cool and the other one wants go away or something. Apart from that, my openers didn't work as good as when I'm in the bus/subway.

There was a 5/6 set dancing... one of them was giving me the eye... but I didn't ask her to dance because: 1. i didn't like her enough. 2. When I do that they are like "I'm with my friend's. 3. I wanted to practice my approach.

BTW: Ive never heard Style/Mystery talk about asking girls to dance. I used to do that but didn't that much... at least here...

All advises/recommendations for the club are welcome. I'm not exaggerating of how hard is here where I live.

My bests,

Eduardo Carrera