Hi fellow PUAs

This is a little story about me and a solid 9. Take notice that this thread is not about "what should I do to get her" because that is already taken care of. I would just like to know what you would do if you were me.

Me: stockbroker, 9 to 5, Monday till Friday
Her: sales assistant at Zara, 4-6 hrs a day, different days of the week, weekends included

Scenario: We met 2 months ago, we're both living in student dorms, same campus, buildings facing each other so sometimes we smoke by the window and we see each other.
She has a boyfriend, a total beta. Physically, financially, future ambitions, you name it.
She likes me, she calls me by her place almost everyday (she just sent me a SMS telling me to come by her place in 10 minutes, as I'm writing this), I touch her wherever and whenever I like to, she gets jealous when I mess with other girls so it's all up to me. Make the move or not. This is what this thread is about.

As I said, it all started 2 months ago with 3 months before her ending an abusive relationship and starting to get played by this beta-virgin-never-had-a-girlfriend dude. She gets with him, for 3 months she stays with him because of pity ( they knew each other long before getting together and she stick up with him because of not wanting to end the friendship after the relationship...DUMB, RIGHT?) and I come in, start gaming her, never kissed her by the way and now I don't know what should I do.
You might think that the dude is not a beta as I consider him to be but in fact, she is just a HB 9, about her self-confidence though, it's really low. It's the type of girl stranger guy are usually afraid of approaching.


1) Make the move and end her relationship with that faggot , but this is the point, because I ended other relationships in the past and my consciousness doesn't let me to. (Matter of fact, 9 out of 10 girls I flirt with have a boyfriend and I always find this out when the only thing that separates me from fucking her is making out.)
She doesn't fuck with the first dude coming around, she actually told me that the last fuck she had, happened 5 months ago (in that abusive relationship)


2) Just walk away and stay friends at least.

Thank you