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    Game Analysis

    Lately I've been getting some consistent themes with women. After a long interaction she tells me she has a boyfriend(not in the beginning,maybe 30 minutes in) Also, they still let me continue with my moves to some degree. moving sets seem to be the most difficult for me, when I see a huge opportunity to escalate sexually on the dance floor I kind of freeze up lol. These are a few that I've noticed.

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    For the boyfriend thing, number close very early on. The number is just another compliance test, "hey put in your number in case we get lost". If she is ok giving you the number, what else is she ok doing?

    My other question would be, are you playing it too safe? If she does have a bf, she could be ok talking to someone who is coming off as a friend; but not willing to take it further. At a certain point in the interaction your intent should be known (number close to meet up, a kiss, venue hop...). it's ok to get blown out trying, rather than playing it safe and getting thrown in the friend bucket.

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    Hi Cassadon,

    Girls are always testing us... That was what a friend told me... and that's how I end up here, to flip their tests and games...

    30 min is a lot for her to tell you she has a bf... you can apply the ESP tests and dont rush it.

    If you wanna escalate on the dance floor, you must read her body language very carefully (the face is the most important). Then move very very slow, so then she tell to herself "Oh, it's just happened, I don't know how).

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    eduardo thanks for your reply brother, i'll keep that in mind. jASON i think i really needed to here that man. I do make my intentions very clear now, at one point that was one of my sticking points but not anymore;BUT to be proactive i'll reanalyze my steps to see if maybe i was.

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