I went out recently and was on a pick up marathon. The following description will give you an insight to some of my best approaches and flops lol. My first set was this beautiful,elegantly dressed woman. I approached her and everything was working out fairly well for me. I was stacking and stacking more material. I was locked in and she was into me. At one point in the interaction she started to give me iod's and I negged her for them. She wasn't outright giving me bullshit but subtle cues in her behavior was telling me that things were going a little south lol. On a side note,When I negged her I didn't stack instead I started to wing it to some degree. I'll get better at this with time because I know better. She told me she had just got engaged and there it was, a huge diamond ring on her finger lol. She politely told me to have a good day and left. My next set was on an isle and she was looking at a few things in the store. I approached her and she was kind of receptive. I followed the model verbatim all the way with this set and I was locked in. I also remembered to keep moving this set and things were running very smoothly. I was escalating physically,emotionally, conversationally, and with kino. This was an all around good set and I hit report out of the ball park. We walked around the store and smelled candles and it was a neat adventure(anything sounds familiar? Lol) any way we were about to go to the hotel but she had to work the next morning so it was a no go. My next set was a set that I had approached already in the same store with a similar stack lmao! She just happened to look really different with completely different hair in and she wears glasses now. She told me exactly how I approached her and yes this was true. She gave me her number and we both agreed to meet up and go to the hotel room but it didn't happen lol. It's all good, for the love of game right lol.