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    Pick up in workplace

    Hi there, what would you guys do if you were in this situation?

    One of my co-worker is a solid 10 for me. She is cute, smart, and funny. I randomly(naturally) said her some of my DHV stories. I talked about my ambition, grounding story, some embarrassing moment in my life. And I used some comfort building gambits as well.

    (In fact, I found myself that I say my DHV stories or use some interesting gambits in many interactions even if it is not involving pickup. So, I said similar DHVs to many co-workers. It's not a point anyway.)

    I and she are in a comfort phase. We are in a friend zone. I did a little bit Kino like hold her shoulder for 3 sec when we change directions. Something really minor kino like that. One thing stop me from gaming her further is that I need to see her everyday. And she is in a relationship. Even though the relationship is not solid, I don't know whether to move forward or not.

    What would you guys do in this situation? It seems you guys in this community have solid experience in pickup or relationship and I would love to hear what you guys think of it!!

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    I typically don't like to use pick at work for lays,when i use it it's more along the lines of me being interesting and the whole 9. The reasoning behind this is simple, i don't want a temorary fling or long term one to interfere with me making my money. Also, i'd like to congratulate you on your approaching and stack forwards. To add, i also dhv randomly now for some reason lol i think it's pretty funny.

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    you want to be careful with a co-worker

    first step is to get her to hang out with you outside of work.....testing how comfortable she really is

    I would not test any techniques until you can get her to do that first

    once you are able to pull her out for happy hour or something like that (best to do it as part of a group) can then innocently flirt with her...

    just know ahead of time what your negs / objection handlers are going to be if she gives you an IOD

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    There are several things I learned in this situation.

    1. You should give positive vibe to girls or any interaction. In other words, becoming playful and easy-going. Do not get affected by others' negative judgement or vibe.

    2. You should act as if you have other options(girls). Actually I had other options, which made me not get obsessed with that one girl. It also made me become more playful and being independent on results. (These days she gives me more IOIs like asking me to eat lunch together. I have more power in controlling the interaction.)

    I learned the concept of 1 & 2 in the pdf revelation and from Venusian pua coaches. However, it took some time for me to truly internalize them.

    3. There are many other 10s out there.

    4. I learned more about personal development and how to grow consistently. Now, I do think pickup is just a part of personal development. These days, I am focusing on creating my daily ritual to achieve my long-term & short-term goals. Moreover, I am trying to stay in positive & resourceful state. What I realized it that you can control your emotion. Its amazing!

    These are what I learned in this moment. I decided to write every lesson and realization so that I could keep in mind of those lessons, staying in the momentum. In this way, I would improve persistently.

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    I'm glad to hear of your realizations brother, I wish you the best of luck. I'm curious, to know if you're dealing with approach anxiety . I know for a fact you have improved man, and I hope to keep seeing you and me as well improve in these areas. Remember: beautiful!

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    Hi Cassadon! I'm so happy to hear you work with a 10.

    1. In my case, I don't game hard on girls with boy friends. Try kino, and funny stuff anyway just to get her used to you.

    2. Very important: make sure you put her in the friend zone officially. Why??? 1. "you don't shit where you eat". 2. She has friends!! If you make her go with you (and her bf what ever) you will gain value in the venue (with random 9s and 10a) and get the chance to meet her friends. And then, you create a "social circle"! That's sh!t.

    When she'll see you go kino and having fun with other girls (and make sure you do) you have no idea the impact you can cause on her.

    I would definitely put her in the friend zone for long term purposes.

    Hope you the bests,

    Eduardo Carrera

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