I was at the mall and I decided to approach a few sets why I was already their. I was already in a good mood and I wanted to see where this was going to go. My first set was a 1 set,a moving set, and she was not really receptive to me. As soon as I approached she told me,"I have a boyfriend" I negged her immediately,"omg that's so cute,your nose wiggles when you speak" she started to laugh and I stacked forward immediately. Now I'm in A2 and she's kind of receptive to me. When I got in A3 she qualified herself to me and things were going better. By time I finished with A3 she was off in another direction into a store in the mall saying with a smile,it was very nice meeting you ☺" I didn't want to follow her because it would seem like a desperate move. My next set was also a 1 set in the mall. She was somewhat receptive to my approach and we did chat a little. Also, I stuck to my routine stack. I opened,dhv'd,qualified her, after it was just normal conversation. She had a daughter that came up and interrupted us but it's all good lol. Then, there was this big dude that came up and she said he was her boyfriend. It seemed a little off because I was talking to her for about 20 minutes and he didn't seem jealous to the least degree. I merged this set and we all were talking. I'm wondering now if that was her real boyfriend. I politely ejected and told them to have a good day. My next set was set was a 1 set that I seemed to really be hitting it off with.she was pretty,into my convo,laughing at my material and the whole 9 yards. By this time I got all the way to The comfort phase and were just talking and vibing. Then, all of a sudden she told me she worked at the store I walked her too. I thought she was just a customer that was walking In the mall not a worker because she didn't have a badge on. I was like D*** now that I found out she was a hired gun it makes things different. I would have treated the pick up as a whole differently had a know in advance that she was a hired gun. Then, she politely ejected herself because she had to get back to work. I think I built enough comfort and and attraction to make this set really stick. We'll see what happens. My next set was a 1 set. This interaction went on for a long time and seemed as though we were talking forever. Once again, I got all the way to the comfort phase and she had to go about her day because she had a legitimate time constraint.