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Thread: The New Model

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    The New Model

    lol.. if i get through a bitch shield like that without pissing myself by the time i reach C1 i will be very pleased

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    The New Model

    I've dealt with girls that bitchy. It's actually kind of fun, providing you remembers it's just a game. The second you take her frame seriously you lose.

    And yeah, the girl is definitely fuckable.

    Nice work, Mystery!

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    The New Model

    I actually wrote a post analyzing this (and the other) Mystery video.

    Not to shamelessly self-promote or anything.

    I agree, it's a great video, and a great teaching tool.

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    The New Model

    I think that Stevie PUA analyzed this video as well. Its a shame that Mystery doesnt put out more of these. Im sure people would be willing to pay a premium for such videos.

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    The New Model

    I agree. I learn the best from seeing things in action. I learned so much just from those two videos it's astounding.

    I use the "Aaaaaaaaand back to me" bit ALL THE TIME.

    If Mystery were to release a DVD of him sarging in the field, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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    The New Model

    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    You have to forgive Rocco. He lives in Spain where every girl is at least a HB8.5 and forgot that we are basing it off of US standards.
    Don't think so. Here in Barcelona there are a lot of young american tourists all year long (it seems to be a popular destination) and the american girls I see here are often hotter than the spanish ones (with hotter I mean 9s and 10s). Perhaps they are not from the area you live in. ?

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    The New Model

    It's a great video, but yeah, the girl can't be higher than a 6 (she has a huge nose and a masculine jaw!), though I'm sure she thinks she's a 9.

    IMO, a lot of people have their HB-rating scale optimistically miscalibrated. It certainly could be a product of the area; my experience has been that the girls on Long Island and in the city tend to be much hotter than those in upstate New York. For whatever reason, there's a huge number of ugly girls with nice bodies up here. Thank god I'm leaving soon...

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    The New Model

    In terms of attraction, I would say she's a 7. In terms of gaming, if she thinks she's a 10 then she's effectively a 10.

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    The New Model

    She's a 5.5-6, which to be clear, means not ugly, but not hot, but still a little better than average. The previous poster makes a good point. It doesn't matter what you or other people think her HB rating is. It matters on what she thinks she is, and furthermore, what she thinks she is at the particular moment.

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    The New Model

    The point is she could have been a 6 or a 10, it doesnt matter. Even a hot one could have been this bitchy and Mystery successfully passed the stage. He wants to show us no matter what girl it is, hot or not, she shows the method to pass the bitch test. I thought it was incredible.

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