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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    check this article out, a sequel to the famous Shock and Awe tactic:

    Shock & Awe part 2: The Apocalypse Opener

    now is that hard core or what.. i say you can't go wrong if you're congruent.. if you don't get kino or extraction or you can get a normal conversation at least, but sexually charged

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    The ultimate natural game

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    Uh... am I the only one not buying into this hype? Is there in-field video of this, or are we just supposed to take the guy on his word?

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    posted at the article itself, don't like c/p's

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    Despite what he says. I believe success is more dependent on looks. Also heavily on confidence and tonality. I could definately see it working. It appears logical. If shes alone, she will agree to what she would otherwise make you work for if there were friends, or something of social cost in the atmosphere. In the end you both want sex. She simply puts up more walls and obstacles because society deems being slutty or easy as a negative thing for a female. Although if no one but you and her know how you got her into bed, she can tell her friends any old story of how you wined and dined her all she wants. In the end it doesn't matter. I like this, and will try it.


    All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. Therefor you must experience all you can, no bounds, no limits.

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    What the hell. I'm going to try this at some point and report back the results. I wonder if this works... well at all... but I wonder if it works if you ask someone back to a hotel room instead. Probably works better if it works at all, as there are even fewer consequences for the girl since its likely she will never see you again if you're staying in a hotel.

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    spearhead21 Guest

    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    I tried it.
    -Sometimes they make out and come home right away.
    -Most times they start asking you rapport questions to justify to themselves what they are about to do. DONT do any cf answers here. Stay totally honest and normal. Makeout, go home.
    -Only once a girl got really pissed about this (I think I fucked up non-verbals here). If she seems to be very pissed or sth just say you lost a bet, smile, and move on.
    -Sometimes she WANTS to go home with you, but she can't because of logistics. Just try to build a lot of comfort with her so she doesn't flake.
    -Only a few times they reject you. Just handle the IOD as normal and proceed as normal.

    Just try it, it works quite well. (But DONT do it if she thinks her friends can hear her!). Not that you have to throw everything else away. Mainly because I have standards and I normally want to get to know the person first and have fun with the whole process.
    BUT, as an "ultra" direct opener it is cool. Just do it when you feel like it. It is FUN!

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    let's just say that if done 'correctly' with the right vibe on a girl that's not overly conservative, you'll get very good interactions (including kino and further).

    your vibe is most important in this.

    the real thing this article proves is that if you have the right vibe, literally anything goes. if you're in state, following very complex models of interaction so to get the girl is amazingly unnecessary. you can do that, but just be aware that you can also not, and still get great great results.

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    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    random question (because im trying this next time)...what does cf stand for?

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    Mack Wild Guest

    the Shock Awe Apocalypse Opener - hard core!!!

    I like it.

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