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    Five Questions game question...

    Was the five questions game mentioned in the VH1 show at all? I feel like everybody is using it which is fine, its a great routine. I'd just be afraid to use it alot if it was on VH1.

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    Five Questions game question...

    I am pretty confident it wasn't on the VH1 show. This routine is great when it comes to beverages at the bar. If they ask me to buy them a drink, I bet her she can't get 5 questions wrong and whoever wins buys the drinks. Haven't lost yet!

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    Five Questions game question...

    Only the intro. statement to 5Qs was audible on VH1, and then only once, so I think its pretty safe. Nowadays, even if I DO see a fight outside I hate to mention it, ditto to wiggling noses.

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    Five Questions game question...

    Whats the 5th question in the game again? I remember the 4th is how many questions was that ...

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    Five Questions game question...

    1. Fluff Ques.
    2. Fluff Ques.
    3. Fluff Ques.
    4. Ok, wait, I lost count, how many was that?
    5. All right, you got me, you're pretty smart, have you played this before?

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    Five Questions game question...

    Quote Originally Posted by Decibel View Post
    My wing lost 5Q one time, but otherwise we have a 100% win on this one. Never got called out on it, so keep using it.
    Yeah, I've only lost once and that was to an HB friend of mine who's a hired gun and a smart ass. lol

    Other than that it works like a charm.

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    Five Questions game question...

    Masturbation is self improvement

    Thanks, your a doll.

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    Five Questions game question...

    Quote Originally Posted by Decibel View Post
    And here's a cute story. I walked into a set my wing was gaming and his target tried to use 5Q on me. I got to question 5 and wasn't sure how to answer. 'You've played this before, haven't you?' Either a yes or no would've made me lose.
    If you'd have said no, i've not played it before then you'd be lying... Therefore you'd win

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    Five Questions game question...

    correct answer to #5 is 'That info is highly classified by the /insert country/ govt.' Clearly a lie, collect your drink.

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    Five Questions game question...

    Key to the last question is when you ask her in the beg. if she's ever played it before then when you get to guestion 5--"damn, are you sure you haven't played this before?" Its setup in her mind then BAM she instantly goes in to defend her ego by saying NO "i'm just too smart for you." And you got her.

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