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    Thisis kinda wierd

    We view women by HB#. I never really think about what I am as I have always felt above average. I am 5'8" and weigh 170lbs. I was out last night and a guy I was winging with asked me what I viewed him as # wise. I didn't know where to start I dont look at guys. Yea I know there are actor types that are attractive but never thought about other friends. Well he goes on to say he is a 7. I say ok. Then I guess I bought into his frame and said what about me. He says 6.5 to 7. I tell him to look around an dtell me what any of the guys have on us. My answer was none. I think I am a solid 7 or 8 by the way.

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    Thisis kinda wierd

    You need to think of your self as a 10

    hold your head up you need to think that you are the most interesting person and best looking around. I know that is easy to say but if you can walk in to a bar and fell that anyone in there is luck to have you approach them. It will makes your frame so much better. It is hard to reteach your self this. But if you can, you will be amazed at how much your game will improve.

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    Thisis kinda wierd

    If your game is tight enough, you would be a 9~10 to the ladies your gaming. Nomatter how you look. IMO at least.

    Unless you like the superficial, and chicks that are most concerned with looks. Then, that's just too bad for you.

    Personally, I rate girls by their looks+personality. A HB8.5 with an awsome personality is a HB10 in my eyes. If a HB10 is all looks but has nothing else going for them is going to get points deducted accordingly. I'd consider looks, personality, intelligence among other things. I'm sure it's the same with girls, though personality and intelligence (aka. game) is likely more important than looks vs. a guys point of view. IMHO.

    You might start at a 7 with your looks, but your frame and and your ability to convey personality and value will decide if you move up or down the scale.

    Honestly, do you believe Style or Mystery are above a 7 (if even that) without their game?

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