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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    these are great websites.. keep it up guys

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    Quick question: I'm a senior in high school. I dont go to clubs or bars yet but I notice alot of men rock blazers when they go out. Where can I find a good blazer and what usually looks good with it in a casual style?

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by maxtall View Post

    I didn't know about that Style Rocket web site.

    What's awesome is I looked on there and saw those rockin' Ed Hardy T's. So then I searched my city for 'em and found 3 stores.

    Thing is, without the pix on the site, I would have never known. The local stores probably don't have the designs I want. But I can try 'em on and if they fit, I can order online.

    Thanks for that resource. It's the BEST Tshirt place I've seen. I looked ALL OVER San Antonio AND Austin for T's that would fit me...I'm 2XL.

    So thanks for that killer URL.

    Oh, the site with all the jewelry is killer too. Do you find the more prominent chains that hang down with the symbols work?

    I tried a skull I bought locally at hot topic or somewhere. It didn't go over very well.


    Yeah absolutely.

    Regarding the jewelry... This is the way I see style.

    Fashion is all about creating crazy unique stuff.

    Style is how you use that stuff to draw attention to your physical strengths and diminish your weaknesses. Like my above comments on shirt tightness or lack thereof.

    If you're built or average hanging down a long necklace is going to push your shirt in from the weight; thereby drawing out your pecs and showing your form better. If you're heavy or slender, doing the same will show your weight or lack thereof. In which case go for a tighter arc on the chain.

    It's all about what works for you.

    And regarding the skull, yeah, skulls, crosses, ankhs etc are all fairly common. Find something unique, better yet if it fits you. Like Clove mentioned i have a symbol that's related to my heritage (Celtic, we have rad goddamn symbols) that lets me DHV, tell stories, etc. I have so many ridiculous stories from growing up Irish.

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Clove View Post
    The most hidden secrect about peakcocking is wearing shirts that exemplify your activities, and dressing for the occasion.

    I am in 4 martial arts and always wear Tapout shirts with huge logos on them, girls love it. If you race cars, wear a shirt like that. Play soccer? You can pull it off it's an insane easy DHV. Don't wear NFL shirts, wear the shirt you got after winning state in a sport. It is more genuine.

    Other than that I go to local surf shops for clothes, Urban Outfitters (has some standout tees) and Pac Sun in the malls. Usually the local shops have jacked up prices, but the shirts are unique. I don't dress "urban ghetto" but I do plan to get a huge silver chain with a big "M" on it. With a dark muscle tee it looks really good. You go across as stylish instead of a gangster. I love aviators too they are worn A LOT by many naturals I know.

    Also I wear a gold chain my father gave me with a Greek evil eye on it, great opener and gives you some background on your heritage.

    And always have a good pair of white shoes to go with jeans, looks fly.

    Yeah that is exactly what I meant by a DHV shirt. I've got a muay thai and a wu shu shirt that I use similar to what you are talking about but I think martial artists are common enough in so-cal that it's not got the weight here.

    But yeah, whatever physical activity you've got, there's a shirt for it that'll get you opened. Rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, diving, whatever. Make sure it seperates you from your surroundings, a world championship surfing shirt in michigan is going to be very different than it is here in so-cal.

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    Peacocking on a Budget

    Looking really good doesn't have to be really expensive. Here are a few suggestions to help you save money and stand out from the herd.

    1. Try and find a good thrift store or flawed merchandise store. In Minneapolis there is a store called Opitz that sells brand name clothes at a fraction of the price because of a manufacturing flaw. 9 times out of 10 you will never find the flaw. Thrift stores are great as well because you never know what you will find. Old retro button ups, jeans and t-shirts are great finds. If they don't fit you exactly you can take them to get tailored for a few bucks.

    2. Get your clothes tailored. It only cost a few dollars to have a tailor take shirt that looks alright on you and make it look like it was made for you. 90% of looking good is wearing clothes that fit you really well.

    3. Get a part time job at a clothing store in a mall. You will get a discount on the clothes they sell and you will meet a LOT of people in the process. You will also get great fashion advice from the people who work there and they will help you pick out clothes that fit your personality. I got a part time job at the buckle because they give their employees 40% off. I worked there for one week, bought all of the clothes I needed and quit. lol

    4. Keep your shoes CLEAN. Go to Target and get shoe cleaner, black shoe polish and white sneaker polish. You would be surprised at how well your shoes will clean up. If you have white laces, buy 3 or 4 pairs of new laces as they are the first thing to get dirty.

    5. Go get an expensive hair cut. As the stylist is cutting your hair ask her a lot of questions as to what she is doing, the technique she is using and the settings she is using on the clippers. Either write this down or remember it. When you get home have your friend take pictures of your new hair cut. Now the next time you need a hair cut go to a great clips or some other place that only charges very little. Show the stylist there the picture of your last haircut and tell her how the other stylist did it. She should be able to give you the same exact hair cut and it will only cost you 10 bucks.

    6. Use crest white strips. They will brighten up your teeth and they are very inexpensive.

    7. Instead of buying a really expensive cologne, go to target and buy every kind of Axe they sell. Try a different scent each time you go out and see which one gets noticed the most.

    8. If you have facial hair make sure it is well groomed. Go get your eyebrows waxed. Keep your nose and ear hairs well trimmed. Get a manicure. Women will spot this from across the bar I swear to god. lol

    9. Rather than buying a bunch of different belts, just buy one black and one brown belt that has a removable buckle. Now go buy a bunch of different buckles. Target has them for a few dollars each.

    10. Try to get some color in or on your skin. You can either go to a tanning both or now they even make lotion that will give you a slight tan. You don't have to lather your entire body with this shit, just your face and neck.

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    How do you find a thrift store? I've asked around but nobody seems to know.

    I did use crest white strips for about a month last winter and I only used half of the pack and you will not BELIEVE how many compliments I have gotten since last winter. I plan on using them once a year. Definitely recommend this.

    I've heard that the axe smells bother alot of people and they're not very unique since everyone uses it. There are some cheap colognes that really smell good.

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    If you're a t-shirt kinda guy (and preferably into the indie-style), has some awesome shirts. They've got a huge selection of really cool, interesting designs. I can't count the number of times I've been randomly complimented on a t-shirt I was wearing. I recently picked up this shirt and love it. The fireflies faintly glow in the dark, so it's very eye-catching, but artistic and not over the top.

    The whole idea behind the site is cool as hell, too. Artists make designs and submit them to the site where users rate and comment on them. Every few weeks new designs are chosen, and the winners get a cash prize and a gift certificate to buy some of their shirts. Totally community-driven! Not a bad talking point after you get opened

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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    I dressed my personality for 20 years...alone!

    I like Clove's ideas! Very nice. I like the idea of trying to tie the clothes into your personal interests...assuming you have any. I like the local angles.

    Ummmm, you know, I'm not Urban Ghetto but I happen to like the shirts.
    Go freakin' figure. They got some pretty cool stuff at Dillards that actually fits me.

    Also, they were all I could find here in San Antonio that were at ALL peacocked. I went to Austin but I'm really hard to fit. 2XL. Ecko has that size. I WISHED the Affliction T's fit me. I'm totally into UFC.

    Unfortunately, the shirts ARE apparently made to fit ripped fighters! Not 2XL and super tall.

    My exception is an IMPORTANT one.

    And it's not that I so much disagree with anything said. It's just that I think there may be a few guys like me who don't got as much going for them. So maybe my positive results with experimentation might be a little light of encouragement to someone somewhere who is struggling along.

    I dressed my freakin' personality all my life. HOw do you not dress your personality? That's what you do. You dress like what you are.

    That did nothing for me. At all. Most of my life. Personally, I like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo. And nice, plain, boring jeans. But.....boring is boring....

    It just didn't work. I mean, like on a scale of 1 to 10, it was a -10. I can barely recall being opened by a hardly EVER.

    And here, with peacocking, even at my age and not being able to work out much due to some structural issues, I'm STILL getting opened by good looking girls.

    The things I'm into aren't really things GIRLS are particularly into. So let's say you wear that php/mysql T shirt. NOT a big hit with chicks. Let's say you wear that T about that trick new backup hard drive you found. NOT a big hit with the ladies.

    So tell me to dress my personality like I did 20 years?

    I think when you're making changes, not everything is GOING to fit you at first. That's why it's called CHANGE. You know, you probably fee COMFORTABLE with the clothes and crap you've been doing for 10 or 20 years that has NOT worked.

    If you don't change it, STILL won't work!

    And if what you're doing hasn't been working for like say 20 years....ummmm.....yeah dude, change the stupid clothes, the heck.


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    Peacocking and Style Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by maxtall View Post
    I dressed my freakin' personality all my life. HOw do you not dress your personality? That's what you do. You dress like what you are.

    That did nothing for me. At all. Most of my life. Personally, I like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo. And nice, plain, boring jeans. But.....boring is boring....

    It just didn't work. I mean, like on a scale of 1 to 10, it was a -10. I can barely recall being opened by a hardly EVER.
    Keep in mind that the life changing effect people experience when they learn the game is a change in personality. When I say dress your personality, I mean wear the uniform of the guy you want to be. At first it will feel a little awkward, that is why you should start slow. But soon you will learn to be comfortable in your new skin.

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