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    Escalation Anxiety

    What I haven't seen being discussed in PUA forums is the anxiety you experience in a set not by approaching but by escalating... It's too often that I experience that anxiety when I've made the contact with an HB and I want to escalate to a level good enough to achieve a *close. The really tough moment is when we have achieved a good connection and I find it time to move for the kiss or set the mood for it. How am I supposed to deal with that kind of anxiousness that has so many times ruined many of my really well set-up games.

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    Why you don't use for example "trust test"?? I dont have problem with escalation i escalate too much but you remind me i don't today use trust test why ?? i must do it. I'm jealous that you open without problems ohh man for me i hate do this you are far that me. Do you play more direct or indirect?

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