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    Online pickup (model)

    I did my first online pickup about two weeks ago. So many people said, they meet new people through instagram. So, i tried it.

    I checked her pictures. She has a very curvy body and she is a Polish amateur model. I used direct opener and luckily enough she responded something like "Thank you, hi (my name)!" I did a mistake here. I thought it was IOI and i directly did a qualification. She did not respond this time.

    Later, in a VIP call, Jamie told us we should built our attraction first before the qualification, which I totally forgot..... In fact, I heard this several times from Jamie and Angel. By the way, VIP calls are very useful. I can a gain better understand of the game because coaches give us right advice depending on our level.

    Anyway, today, I just come up with that Polish model girl. And I did opinion opener (modified a little bit to instagram)....and stack routines just like my night game. I did not forget A2 piece this time!!! She texted me back faster after I did my A2 piece (buying temperature) and one DHV story. Later, she asked me where I stay (country).

    I answered her question and...she told where she stays now. She told me she is going to come to my country one month later and we planned to hang out each other then! I am not sure how I can hold her attention for a month just by texting lol Any advice?

    Even if I do not meet up her, this experience is just a great lesson by itself!

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    Be creative in a way that keeps her interest and keeps her off balance.for example,one day you can call her,the next you can send her a meem,the next you can text her'll keep the interaction interesting.. I personally don't do the long distance thing but good for you man! Also,I see you're improving,beautiful! 😎

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