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    weekly progress report!

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first weekly progress report which is a new feature of the VIP group. I found out a little bit late so I didnt remember all my interactions but here goes...

    Ive had an amazing couple of weeks. I just had an instant date with a nr close yeasterday. Another one yearlier this week. Those sets had a big inpact on me so those are the ones I remember the best, the rest has faded. Starting next week ill write it down right away.

    This was the first of my nr closes this week.

    I was in town and had been walking around for a while trying to find someone to open. Allthough there were guys there they were all moving towards me and I didnt know how to open them. So I sat down at a coffe house with my ipad to write some new material.

    When I sat down I noticed a guy sitting in front of me to my left. I wanted to open him but had no idea how, he had his headset pluged him. I moved around and sat down closer. I was nervous and didnt know how to open. I had my ipad out in the sun and I realized it was getting really hot, this guy was holding an iphone so over the shoulder I said "hey, do you know if these screens are sensitive to light?"

    Him: no, I think they are pretty cool. It will give you a warning signal if it gets overheated.

    Me: Are you sure? I just broke my MacBook pro due to some waterdamage and now they wont repair it. So im naturally really careful with my electronics now.

    Him: I hear you, i reall dont know but i think its ok.

    I know that this is the place where I come in with these over-the-top amazing stories and routines but I dont have them. I never got into the habit of writing them. I have started to formulate some qualifiers that excite me.

    The conversation continued for 2h and ended only after I decided to leave, with a nr close. Most of my interactions are like this.

    My second nr close this week was yeasterday at a coffe house, I actually went there just to get out of my apartment and write some material. When I got there I saw an overwhelmingly large amount of women and one guy. There was an empty seat right next to him and thats where I choose to sit down.

    This wasnt a guy id be interested in dating but I still wanted to talk to someone. As I got my ipad out I realized I needed wifi so the natural question was "Do you know the WiFi password"?

    Him: yes - its coffe2016

    Me (I had a quick look at his screen): You seem pretty smart. The screen was covered with complicated mathematical forumlas.

    This conversation also lasted 2h and ended only when the coffe shop closed for the day. Also a nr close. I cant remeber everything we talked about, I really need to write this shit down sooner.

    While we where talking I noticed another couple of guys entering the shop, they all took there coffe upstairs. I really wanted to open them so I made an excuse and went to the bathroom.
    On my way there I saw them in a private room, the door was open, but I didnt know how to walk in there an open them so I just walked by.

    The more time I spend in sets the more I realize that I need organized material. But when im sitting home and try to come up with it, it rarely works out in real life. I rarely end up using it in sets. Maybe im trying to hard? Maybe I should just observe myself in sets and transform the stories I use on a daily basis into DHVs.

    The questions I had this time was
    - How do I open guys moving towards me?
    - How do I open the guys in the private room?

    Anyway, this is the first of many progress reports.

    Remember to check out the post from the VIP call later today!


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