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    Should I say that I dreamed about her?

    Hello guys,

    hope Im not totaly out of this forum thread topic, but I mean it as "phone communication" kind of question.

    If you dream about girl, I mean real dreams in night (not those imaginations going through our heads when we are awake), do you tell her afterward? Probably it depends on phase you are in with her. From my previous experience (personal and by texting), whenever i mentioned dreaming about some girl to her, Ill rate reactions from pure neutral to medium negative (in polite kind of way). So, I stopped telling them at all and keep it for myself.

    Here is my question. Do you mention to girl that you dreamed about her, and if so, when? What level of connection she must be in before you tell her? Is telling before that kind of connection crude way in to friend zone?

    And second question, texting related. Have friend, havent seen her quite long time (months). Our level of communication stopped on light flirting from both side. Dreamed about her few days ago. How should I tell here, even use it as pretext for opening new communication? I want weave it neatly, you know, not scare her but impress her interest. How would you do it? If not at all, tell me also please.

    Thanks for your help and answers

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    Yah, could be a real pussy on the pedestal move to tell any girl that you're dreaming about her.

    I would completely avoid telling any girl you meet online about dreaming about her. The chances are they are already a bit creeped out with any guy that starts a convo with them online. Lots of guys just constantly put the girls online on a pedestal. All you have to do is show the girls that you're not one of those freaks. Sometimes just asking them if they're getting a lot of "interesting" messages works..... They almost always are. By asking them that, they will think you are one of the few cool normal guys that they will feel more comfortable meeting up with.

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    I would absolutely [I]not[I] mention that your dreamed about her, until after you have already had sex, or seriously escalated things physically with her. At that point, when it is clear that you are both into each other physically, the telling her about the dream will only further escalate the situation. But telling her about the dream before getting physically intimate will come off as creepy and needy, in my opinion.

    It also depends on how hot she is. Never tell an 8, 9 or a 10 that you dreamed about her. A 5 or a 6? Definitely tell her, she will love it.

    The other route you could go, if she is very physically attractive, is to use the dream as a neg. Tell her that you dreamed about her, but spin it into something weird and strange about her. Don't tell her that she was beautiful in the dream, say she was wearing a goofy hat, or her head was shaved, or say that you were with your girlfriend in the dream and your target was third wheeling.

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    nice hint .

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