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    Setting up a first date

    My sister’s boyfriend keeps asking me to bring a girlfriend with me to the movies, to kind of double date so on Sunday I said to test some phone numbers I got from some sarges. I called the first girl, I met her on Friday night and she seemed into me, I called and didn’t answer, I text message her that me and my sister and her boyfriend are going to a movie and if she would like to join, she later replies with hue are you sorry but some of my numbers got deleted, I reply with… my name, then she says which one, then I reply with: from Friday night and then she replies with… ouuuuu the guy from “location” with the tests, thanks for the invitation but I got plans maybe with a different occasion, it’s true I started calling two hours before the movie starts and was hoping for a quick scoop. My first question is does this count as a reschedule from her when she said maybe with different occasion, should I try a new date with her?
    I then message a girl on Facebook that I’ve been seeing, she is a college colleague and she replies with ….how cute!! it depends when, I would of liked to go but I’m out of town if you would of told me two hours ago I would of been in town because I was at the plaza… then I say maybe with a different occasion and she says… shore anyway thanks for the invitation. My question is similar with the first I didn’t get anything like she saying when she is free what should I do?
    The third call is an 18 year old girl and I call and she hangs the phone, I then text her on whatsapp with the same message and she later replies after some hours …no thanks.
    Was I to short in time approach should of I tried to plan with more days before? Could it of gotten me a better result? And what locations or activities you suggest as a first date.
    Thanks guys.

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    Mr. Roosevelt Guest
    That's too serious of a first date. Maybe when you're serious about the girl. Understand that your sisters boyfriend respects your sister and values you. If you wanna apply what you learn here better for first dates stay away from old people as maybe it reminds you of your old habits. A better but a bit harder alternative is always testing beliefs that you learn here, even with old-known-people. Second option will happen regardless. Your new beliefs will be tested no matter if you choose to stay by yourself for a while or not. Also practice leaving dates in person when you get the number, as it would give you a purpose for the number exchange. Small dates, maybe a coffee or something occasional of that nature. If it is possible insta-date. Second time you call, there will be less chances of flaking and lots of more rapport. AFTER this you go to the double date. Hope it helps.

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    Got it, thanks

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