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    Lightbulb Private Joke - Routine

    During some sets last week I came up with something interesting..
    Lets say you're in a set and they are close friends/co-workers or similar
    and they joke with each other like anyone else, they use private jokes which make sense only to them.. so what I do is after few minutes or so, add in a joke on the same subject, and with that you are crash-landing into their world, it breaks the tension and it looks like you're on the same page with them..
    Does that ring true for anyone else?
    So far there wasn't a set where this didn't work as it was intended.

    Y Live long and prosper

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    This may work on certain sets, but I can promise you that you won't be able to use it on a set of 9's or 10's. It can come off as really cheesy if not done right.

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    Usually this is girl coding and you need to handle it. But I would stick to a neg or a couple of negs instead of trying to interpret things and create something new on the spot. Nothing wrong with throwing a neg then using your own joke, but I would avoid the subject they were in before you throw the neg/negs. The bigger issue is instead of you talking, while you figure out what they were going on about you are losing value while you come up with something on that topic, and worse you are now the guy who doesn't add anything to the set, just the one who chips in on everyone else's thread all the time. There is a time and a place to hang back but if you are talking the attraction phase this is a bad idea. Example they say they are traveling you say oh I love to travel, they say they like a certain type of music you say on yeah I love to travel and so on. Don't be that guy in the attraction phase. That stuff is viable in comfort usually after isolation or if you have a 2 set sitting down, but it is so you can get to know someone, but not early on.

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