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    The Special case

    Okay so i really like my good friends sister hahaha shes very gorgeous and i cant be around her without being flirty because of it... Im also really stuck for a few reason but i keep thinking it over and i feel like theres no way it could go wrong but im stuck lol with what to do or what to say to her without it getting weird

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    Don't over think it, Ronster.

    Sounds like you are already having success with her if you are flirting.

    Why not get her on a date?


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    Hahaha i know i am lol. I overthink alot of things it sucks...

    Here are my obstacles im having trouble with:
    1. Both her and her brother work with me which isn't a problem if things do get serious because i plan on quitting soon anyways!

    2.shes sort of a tomboy in a bombshell body ive never dealt with a chick like this before

    3.her brothers my really good friend

    4. The only time we really see each others at work or on the weekends

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    Ok here's my two cents:

    1) Sounds like you've already found the solution. If things go south, you can just quit.

    2) Those chicks are some of my favorites. They are fun, active, and have a lot of stamina in the bedroom.

    3) Welcome to the real world. You'll typically have to make a decision between a woman and your friends or between two women because they are friends. So, man up and take control.

    4) That's why you ask her out on a date. Make the relationship romantic and sexual rather than just professional.

    Much love,

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