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    She says "I feel like we've met before"..then what?

    So I've had 2 girls this last week as me this. Both Cashiers as a matter of fact haha.

    So i ask you guys what would you answer back to this to spark some intrigue?

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    "Yeah, I feel that too" Then keep gaming her

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    You can say... something like this...

    'We haven't.... PAUSE............STARE......thinking...tension buildup.....but... I'd like to. Whats your favorite type of wine, lets meet up tonight." Serious face.

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    Awesome close Mr. Stark.

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    Thank you guys, i gotta try that next time i get that from a girl.

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    I think I would go with Mystery's classic "no you don't, you are just attracted to me" Its cocky and frankly if you don't know her for sure then you know she is hitting on you anyway so hit her with that.

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