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    Well, her parents would definitely have a problem with you because you're an *atheist*, basically Muslim girls won't have sex before marriage because it's prohibited, committing adultery in some Arabic countries is punished by stoning to death in public, now to her family it would be a shame, they would disown her right away and throw her out of the house if they found out that she had sex with someone, I doubt she's even willing to kiss someone before marriage, Muslims girls are mostly devoted even if they're not they would still apply and submit to the basic rules, she can't marry you if her parent didn't accept you and they probably won't, so the first solution for you is to convert to Islam in order for you to marry her, or she has to disobey her parents and her religion which is something she probably wouldn't do. Muslim girls love to get married as it makes them feel safe thus they're kind of the girls who lasts like forever in marriage and never leaves their husband no matter what, nor even thinking about cheating behind their back. It's all in your hands though if you're willing to convert then go for it, if not then just step back.

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    OK, so your comments assume the girl follows her religion tooth and nail. This is simply not how it works these days, these girls are the same as any other girl. They will do everything any other girl would do, but would keep it a secret to herself.

    Don't forget Christianity and Judaism follow the same religious teaching. All girls regardless of creed or culture have the same evolutionarily engraved instincts they follow. Trust me on this one. I'm speaking from first hand experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocturnal View Post
    Hi guys, long time no see.

    I'll spare you the details, but in September started a Masters degree at a new University. I met a girl on my course in the first week, she loved my accent and we started talking and texting more and more as the first few months of the course went on. She is a really fun girl and we just clicked, I found i was starting to like her and we were growing very close. I was getting a lot of IOI's, she was very touchy and often brought up suggestive topics in our conversations.

    So late one night when we were texting I decided to just tell her that i liked her, she told me she liked me too but wanted to get to know me better before anything happened. I didn't take that as a no and thought okay this is fine. As you may have guessed from the title, she is a Muslim. She't not the most religious Muslim in the world (No Hajib or Burka, not afraid to wear tight clothes) but she wasn't really practicing it during her teenage years and about three years ago "found her faith" again. Both her parents and her brother are fairly devout Muslims.

    So for anyone who isn't familiar with how Muslims view relationships with non-believers, not very favorably. In their culture if someone who is not a Muslim wants to date one of their daughters they must convert to Islam and marry her ASAP (In case any pre-marital lovin' might "accidentally" happen).

    So in the last few days we've got to talking about our options and what we can do. Her parents and her beliefs are the biggest barriers, she doesn't drink, she doesn't eat bacon and she doesn't want to have sex before marriage.

    We both like each other, we both want to be together, but we both see no way it could work because of her and her family's religious beliefs (I forgot to mention,I'm atheist). We still want to remain close friends.

    But part of me still really wants to TRY. The other day when we were still discussing it, she was about to tell me something, i assumed it was the inevitable "I don't see how it could work and we should just remain friends" so i dived in first and said it myself.... from talking to her since that might not be what she was going to say (Well done shithead) but after changing my mind after saying that like a total friggin beta, she told me i was right, theres no way it could work.

    We are off University for xmas now, i wont see her until mid-January, we will likely still text every day. I want to give it a shot, i think she does too but wont say after i bitched out.

    Anyone else been in a situation even resembling this before? Advice? Keep tryin? GFTOW?

    Since i haven't been on here for years ill say its good to be back

    -Thanks guys
    Thanks for sharing.

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