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    Getting back in the PUA game after 3 years

    Hi everyone!

    I used to read a lot about PUA and practicing sometimes. I improved my game a LOT, but that got me a girlfriend and I stopped. It's not bad, I was happy about that, but now we are kinda broking up (I think?) and want to get back in the game.

    There's this girl I started meeting casually with friends over the summer. We have friends in common so we often go out / do things together with them.

    She showed me increasingly obvious IOIs during the summer, but at some point when I showed some interest too, she said "you have a girlfriend...". And she was right. Since then, I feel like she was more distant a little, did show much less obvious IOIs.

    But now I'm on "indefinite break" with my gf, and she knows. I asked her to go out this week and she said "sure". Now, from there, I'm a little lost as to where to go / what to do / how to escalate...

    It's kind of a first date, but given our relationship over the last few months I feel like "classic" strategies might not be completely appropriate for the situation.
    Any advice guys? Thanks!

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    Actias, thank you for joining the PUA Form at Venusian Arts we are happy to have you posting!!!

    Firstly, Why do men roll over and die after they get a girlfriend? I mean guys that is retarted to STOP gaming or developing some type of PUA skill while you have a girl friend. Some of my best achievements have come when I was dating , how is that so? Well I was outcome independent didnt' care and it showed and women ate it up.

    What you are forgetting is that times when you are really really satisfied in life that is when you are able to show the best representation of yourself. And believe me the women eat it up when you can be genuinely interesting, conversational and just a good person.

    Now onto your question...

    As for your date just be you man, no expectations just a good vibe and out to have fun. I mean this girl has waited months to be in your presence there couldn't be a BIGGER turn-off than trying to escalate too fast thereby turning her away from your perceived high value.

    I say keep the day fun but simple. Happy Hour is always the best time to get started because if you are vibing you both can decide at that moment to carry over things into the night. She is going to ask you the question "So What happened with your Ex' so be Ready with a fucking awesome answer. The difference between a PUA and an AFC is that you are always prepared to respond.

    Marco Segreti
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    Hey man,

    Welcome back! There are plenty of dudes that have been in your shoes and there are a lot of different roads to take.

    #1 - Be Social Everyday!
    Say hello to someone, and make a connection. EVERYONE - Man, woman, hot woman, smoking college chick, no name guy behind the counter at Starbucks. Get your muscles going.

    #2 - Find a place for you to interact with like minded people. The VA Forum is awesome and a great place to do that. However, any mens group will do. Consistently post, let people get to know you and be active. If you give, you get!

    #3 - Everyday Explore what you want. Look at who you are and what you really want in life. When it comes to sex and relationships we all want the hot chick threesome and so on, but is it really what is going to make us happy. On your road to experience with being social and sexual you need to look at who you are.

    Hope to see you post soon


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