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    Hello from Minnesota

    I'm a Mentalist from the MN area. I recently got divorced, and came across Make Her Chase You, Mystery Method, and The Game. I found them interesting and a really nice break down on the psychology of it all. I think it'll be quite the adventure to join this community.

    Please post a bit about yourself in here so I can get to know everyone.

    Just my thoughts,

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    Spectre, nice to have you join our forum! Always interested in the dynamic intelligent minds can bring...

    You will see a very wide area of concepts and ideas involving human interaction on this forum.

    What makes us different? Man yof the answers are posted by our Own VenusianArts Coaches (Mystery, James Matador, Love Drop, SubZero, SteveMayeda, JohhnyCage, Tony Stark, Prophet)...

    Educate yourself on the Arts and let us know if you have any questions.

    Marco Segreti
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    Awesome, and thank you for the advice my good sir!

    Just my thoughts,

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    its only an adventure if you really take this ambition seriously, and go about learning this the right way

    otherwise its just a hobby

    good luck!

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