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    How far to take approach invitations?

    I'm sometimes confused where to start after an approach invitation. A3?
    I do see there is a scale when it comes to approach invitations during the day. For example, if it's just locking eyes, then I would just start from A1.
    But if you see the girl smiling and you have that gut feeling she is into you, do you go and start with A1/A3? And skip A2?
    Or is this delusional and approach invitations don't mean much, and you should wait for stronger IOIs before you move on to A3?
    Sometimes, when I get strong approach invitations, and I don't go to A3, it feels like I'm boring them with my stories, it's hard to explain. On the other hand jumping straight to A3 can come out as predatorial/intimidating, etc.

    So how far on a scale of female-to-male interest would you rate approach invitations?

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    How far to take approach invitations?

    Hey dude,

    You are correct in that there is definitely a scale based on how strong you think the IOIs are. Personally, if I see an approach invitation, I will usually open with a micro calibrated opener. Something funny and easy-going that just starts the conversation (without asking for an opinion, as that would be a strange way to approach someone who was already waiting for you to approach them). If it seems like she is indeed giving you a crazy amount of interest from across the room, you can certainly approach by going right into A3, but keep it light. Heavier qualifiers such as "Tell me three interesting things about yourself" aren't so good here.

    Happy Sarging,


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    How far to take approach invitations?

    Prophet said it perfect.

    Basically you are creating a big yes ladder........ask for too much too quick and your set will fall apart. Start fun, easy, playful.

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    How far to take approach invitations?

    Thanks guys. This definitely helped with my confidence about my social intuitions.

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