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    Stacking opiniion openers

    I have a question on stacking openers , most of my openers are of the opinion asking variety, would it not come off as weird if I stack 2 or 3 opinion openers in a row.

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    Stacking opiniion openers

    quick answer......not saying this is absolute, remember you can get away with anything if you REALLY believe it, and if your frame is strong enough

    but in general, in a practical sense....

    l if you stack multiple opinion openers you will appear to be an official survey taker.....aka a weirdo

    just like if you stack too many A2 buying temperature pieces back to back you will appear to be a clown

    be very careful of being too gimicky

    instead realize the purpose of these things

    get the attention

    differentiate yourself

    then act more conversational

    otherwise if you go routine then routine then routine then routine.......she will start to think this is weird.....because 'normal' people don't act that way, people
    on a stage do

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    Stacking opiniion openers

    Hey Nignig,

    Similar to what Subzero said, I generally wouldn't stack more than one opinion opener. The whole purpose of the opener is OPEN and buy yourself a few minutes to spike their buying temperature and then convey your personality. So even if you have lots of DHVs imbedded in your opinion openers, you are still the guy who is just standing there asking them questions, and not engaging them as real people and moving the set forward.

    The only exception to this that I would personally advocate is to play around with stacking different types of openers.

    For instance, you could open with a simple indirect opener "Wooo! I've got a Jager in my belly!" and then use that to stack into an opinion opener.

    OR, you could open with an opinion opener, and then stack into a piece of material that can work as either an opener or a buying temperature gambit, such as the Fight Outside Opener.

    Happy sarging,


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