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Thread: There are three components to a COMPLETE training

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    There are three components to a COMPLETE training

    this is what anyone who is serious needs to address
    - learn the mechanics and get personal feedback (bootcamp)
    - learn how to personalize (routine stack)
    - find a way to stay motivated, and consistent (yes you are signing up for a process that can be painfully frustrating at times).......a long term mentorship program

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    There are three components to a COMPLETE training

    You know I took bootcamp in other company- and yes now i regret because after that bootcamp i was so confused and first logged here and VA-forum gave me a lot more I think than my past bootcamp my personal feedback in bootcamp was good and I was disappointed because I don't feel my game is so good like coaches say to me. But yes girls in bootcamp always flurry IOI me. In life too but I don't know then what to do with this-oh god I'm glad i'm now here. I still feel a little tricked about my past experience it cost me well and almost 0 results.

    You wrote:'' - learn the mechanics and get personal feedback (bootcamp)''
    I hear this before in other company not word to word but similar than you need the feedback directly from us.
    I'm very interested tried one more time take bootcamp but now I broke I have taught time very hard REALLY a have never in my past so bad financial situation I hope i overcome this in next year I will learn new language and change country. This the reason i must do this now in my own hand i don't have choice and I do it in worst circumstances i can ever imagine before i put so long this part of my life "LOVE"- no not now, no not now and years was gone and now iwen circumstances are really and bad my bootcamp was piece of shit I must do it !! Because I put this thing for so long. I used everything to overcome this and YES this process is very painfully and frustrated like now for me but i don't turn back.

    What you mean a long term mentorship program??? is this possible without take bootcamp?

    I wonder in future if want took bootcamp in London or somewhere in europe I know in london is Discovery and Becster but how I can be certain professionalism ?? I read great review about steve mayda and prophet and I don't know anything about Discovery or Becster.

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    There are three components to a COMPLETE training

    a long term mentorship program as i meant it is online one a weekly or monthly basis

    however that will yield limited results without a rock solid in person training + understanding of how to put together your own routine stack

    to make this simple

    try this

    ill make things very clear in 20 minutes

    if you don't agree ill refund your money

    then if you want we can talk about options, cause yes the instructors are different

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