Last Thursday I completed Day 18 of the Stylelife Challenge. I failed to due this mission last time due to approach anxiety. I''m starting to realize that I do better when nights are not so busy. The crowds and loud noises were overwhelming last time I tried Day 18. However, this probably means that I still have a lot of approach anxiety in some form.

Regardless, I opened a set (that was very warm to begin with) using the tattoo opener. As instructed in the book, I cut the thread and transitioned into the rings routine. The group was very high energy and probably drunk, which made them a lot of fun. I actually was able to kiss one of the girls (on the cheek) before I moved on to open another set...much to the outrage to her mother who was seated at the bar nearby.

Out on the bar's patio were two early thirtyish attractive women sitting on sofa. I used my opener, cut the thread and used the rings routine. I talked with them a bit and found out that they were both teachers who were married, so I didn't get too flirty. It began to rain eventually, so I went home.

Well, lets see how Day 19 goes!