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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    Important I change OPENER for ESP gambit. Its coolest thing ever.
    #1 ESP Gambit

    #1OPENER (with BODY ROCK and OPEN from the Shoulder not facing set directly): (Hey...and straight to my opinion opener question>>>>>>>>>) Sorry I don't wanna share here its new very unique open every set and this is public forum.

    Shiet this remind me one thing i realy hate opinion openers!!! I dream about something like Mystery Titanic gambit/opener but I can't find this anywhere.

    #2FTC:-------- I can stay only for minute because I'm with my friends over there or------- "Listen I gotta go in 1 second but the reason I'm asking this is......" and the root my opener.
    #3TRANSITION (to NEG):------------- Hey, are those real nails? Aaa ok They look nice anyway.
    #4TRANSITION(to IVD#1): ------OMG do you are best friends/sisters..."Best friend test" ---- or another OPENER:---------
    PUA: Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?
    Her: No
    PUA: The other 7% sing
    Her: Oh yeah?
    PUA: And do you know what they sing?
    Her: No, what?
    PUA: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then.
    Her: HAHAHA

    #5 TRANSITION (DHV #1- to short story): "you know weirdest thing happened when I was here last time" .. I'm in the bar and someone grab my ass (from book Revelation)---yep I know its other people material but I'm needed this like training wheels at first I just started immerse in this for real.
    #6 TRANSITION (to IVD#2 Lying game) hey you look like you are good lialiar lets find it out ..

    OK my matrix/format to create my stack:
    -OPENER( with FTC and NEG)
    -DHV Story #1
    -CONFIRM 3 IOI's ? If yes then Qualify(move into A3 stack), or...
    -DHV Story #2
    -CONFIRM 3 IOI's ? If yes then Qualify(move into A3 stack), or...
    -Continue with IVD #2 or DHV #3 and Qualify (Move into A3 stack) --- THIS FORMAT IS FROM VA BLOG.

    AND this tread from Bruno:

    I have more routine material but now i dont know were put this in structure LIKE:
    -short story from childhood
    --protector of loved ones
    ---Ring finger routine from rules of the game
    ----Cats &dogs OPENER/DHV from rules of the game
    -----Lying Game/5 question
    ------Whole Room Destroyer ( when you have in her eyes any value)
    -------Nines Gambit
    --------Facebook stalker opener
    ---------C&U shape
    ----------The Bros OPENER

    I must think were to put this stuff.
    OK thats it for today, i will be back end end this tomorrow.

    Build a stack turned into very hard thing I even think before. Then memorized, exercise with the mirror, and run infield. huh

    I can no wait when i go and field tested this stack really!!

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    When I work on this interesting topic i found in web about transition from opinion openers:

    the hardest part of openers is where do i go from here..

    first lets look at the system

    1. approach with openers-opinion or just fun openers
    2. transition and build attraction
    3. rapport -build comfort
    4. number close-kiss close or introduce to friends..

    keep it simple..
    so how do you transition..answer out of nowhere..

    opinion openers- be diverse.. and always root it me and my friend were talking...and we wanted to know.... always tease her them for good answers or bad answers

    about bitch shields..if they answer dismissive or seem like a bitch use teasing..on her..
    are you guys always that mean?
    im not buying it..i think you guys are usually really cool..but act mean when you are out,,.
    are you always like that? all srious? lets turn uo the fun meter..
    oh were you in the mean girls club..
    you better behave,.or imma tell ya boyfriend to spank you..
    bad girl..get in the corner..
    awww you aare so adorable when you are mean..
    you are totally ruining your chances with me..
    ok thats it.we are so breaking up..we are sooo getting a divorce..

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    about 20 minutes into that video is the titanic opener ran by mystery himself

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    Thank You nignig

    I joust watched is super extra yes, but if I wanna used I must listen first then put word to word in paper and then translate for my language uhh A LOT HARD OF WORK for now I let go I do this later when I be practising my game I remember in field be not always good thing happened but I always be happy when I be infield RUNNING MY GAME. My stack is nothing worthed to moment I use this infield.



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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    Way to go man, good to see that you're working on your stacking!

    It helps a lot to follow a game plan, you'll start to see improvements happen much more frequently.

    So how can I help you?

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    whoa Bruno I really start to admire you and see you like person I can learn from like Mystery.

    I so happy from every word you wrote your post are (I even cant find word)..

    You help me a lot in your past posts.

    In which moment you gave your target funny nickname? (like snorlax or koala)
    I wonder how look like A3 stack??? some example with transition from A2 to A3 please.
    If you gaming single set (alone set) you going direct?

    I struggled with:
    - Transition its very difficult topic for me.(really very, very, very difficult)
    - put together STACK
    - Stack I wonder to start A1 to C1 kiss close must be 19 different gambits like 2 example in Revelation.
    - this the biggy: I have too much material really too much I'm almost lost in this but I gave me a little more time. I start to think to cut of any other pickup technologies and focus only and only on VA yep this is good idea.

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    1. Nicknames come during Comfort phase, I usually do it on C2 (isolated on Comfort Building Location)

    2. A3 is a tricky phase, because most beginners just skip it. >
    On A2 you've managed to get her attracted to you. Now on A3 it's her time to try to attract you.
    But you're not easy.. She's not gonna win you over only because of her looks: She must QUALIFY herself to you.
    On A3 you should focus on getting her to qualify.

    How do you do that? BAIT, HOOK, REEL, RELEASE (google it, there are videos where Mystery explains it)
    Also focus on rewarding her with Kino Escalation and BT Spikes.

    3. It doesn't matter whether it's a single girl or a 5-set.
    I go direct when I don't wanna waste my time, and when I feel like I can kiss close her right where she is.
    If I know I'm gonna go for a number, then I'll go indirect.

    The only exception is 2-sets, because the girl will not kiss me and leave her friend alone.
    So on 2-sets I always go indirect OR I game both of them (and close both of them) OR I go direct with a wingman.

    - Transition is not hard, you just need to understand WHAT'S GOING ON. If you don't know what you should do, then you'll fail!

    - A stacking is easy to build, but you must test it A LOT in field. If you don't know whether a routine is good or not, test it a couple times, and see how it goes.

    - There's no magical number of how many routines you must run before you can close. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds, sometimes it takes 3 dates. But it's important that you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. This is not a matter of luck, there is a method.

    - Yeah I know.. I have over 10gb of PUA stuff on my HD, and it's a mess. It's good to learn from many different sources, but make sure to TEST EVERYTHING IN FIELD and then stick with what works best.

    Eventually you'll learn a bit of everything, but it will take years of practice.

    I mean, when Julien (RSD) started making all those videos I tested some of those techniques and they work like magic. So I incorporated them in my game.
    Other things he does have no use for me, so I just leave it out.

    It's YOUR GAME, not Mystery's game, not Julien's game, not my game.

    Learn from people who know their shit, but also build your own personal game.

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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    I dream for now stack from A1 to A3 to can go and field tested it, i don't before imagine its thats hard piece of work. FUCK THIS GAME IS REALLY MORE COMPLICATED I ever EVEN THINK.
    I start loosing my patience because I have enough of go to infield have this IOI and don't know what to say/do next, I wanna have stack to practise. AND I still don't have it.


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    My ROUTINE STACK from A1 to..

    Hey, it's good to have focus and determination, but patience is also important.

    Patience is not sitting and waiting... But once you're doing the best you can, you must understand that great changes take time.

    I've been in this for almost 10 years, and I'm still learning.

    Making mistakes and learning new things are important parts of the process, and they will never go away.

    If you're not practicing, then go out and practice. But don't take it too hard on yourself, this journey is supposed to be fun for you!

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