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    Rate my attraction stack from open to initial isolation

    So this is my stack from A1 up to the isolation let me know whats missing or what could I improve I will post the other half later

    opener who lies more or 5 oceans
    ftc I gotta go soon but
    root my opener (ignore target mostly)
    during the root I will neg the target with you blink a lot
    observation you guys known each other for while you make the same facial expressions if shes solo the know what they say about girls who (wear x y z have blue eyes etc open loop)
    roll off
    ask whos the leader
    run the IVD leader test during this time I will lock in with seated it set or lean back on the wall , I lock in with thee entire group while still ignoring the target
    or I run the psycho test if shes solo and lock in

    next I run the titanic gambit or the moon landing gambit during this time I give the target my pen and pad for a lock in prop and continue to talk to her peer group
    I then run the I feel bad I left the target out mind if I show her something real quick
    then Ill iso and run the 1x1 bum showed me routine

    feel free to give me feed back on anything

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    Rate my attraction stack from open to initial isolation

    Siet this is crazy awesome!!!

    I'm built stack write now and I never hear of "leader test" maby you write to modified best friend test to see who is the LEADER ?? first time i heard this.

    Titanic routine newer heard PLEASE SHARE, what tha fuck is "moon landing gambit" ??? and this what it is 1x1 bum showed me routine???

    What you writes is that you used this infield , this is really for me awesome you tested this infield and works for you it's crazy!!! . I want too have thats STACK fuck!!! Now you piss me of for myself i build the " stack" for six months take one bootcamp (not VA I regret!!!) and I don't have stack like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really for me now it's crazy awesome.

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    Rate my attraction stack from open to initial isolation

    Fuck I found your "moon landing gambit" but I still can't find Titanic gambit fuck.

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    Rate my attraction stack from open to initial isolation

    Seems ok! How is it working infield?

    Practice a lot with this, and bring new elements.

    Once you've built enough confidence from the results you'll get by using this material, start experimenting with other styles, such as direct game.

    Life is unpredictable. Maybe the girl of your dreams will be in a 3-set right behind you, or maybe she'll be dancing on the floor, surrounded by 3 male friends.

    Be ready for everything, and enjoy the ride

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    Rate my attraction stack from open to initial isolation

    well thanks Bruno I wrote that and I realized I need buying temperature gambits too so I added a slew of them I only had a chance to do a few sets with one of them having a friend girlfriend in it, I am going to sarge hard and report back .

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