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    Retaking the Stylelife Challenge Day 10

    Last night I went out to my usual night spot to do Day 10 of the Stylelife Challenge.

    This time I had to make use of disqualifications. Most of the ones I used were improvised. All my approaches went moderately well.

    In my first approach I used the fact that the girl was too young as a disqualifier (I jokingly adopted her as my new little sisters. The second approach I implied the target that she drank too much. On my third approach, I disqualified a girl based on her red hair.

    This post was brief, but hey...that's how it is. In my next mission I have to refine my identity. THAT will certainly be a challenge.

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    Retaking the Stylelife Challenge Day 10

    Cool man!

    Have you noticed any improvements since you started taking the challenge?

    My advice for you is to try to take the interactions as far as you can! If you have disqualified the girl and the interaction is going really well, try to close her number or KC or whatever. While you might have some certain "daily goals", there is no reason for you to not try to take the interaction further and advance as much as possible.

    Have fun!


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