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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    ~~Hey guys, this is a compilation of multiple field reports, and a long post, so you might want to get a beverage and settle in…..

    4/28/14 – Once again, I am wearing “Da Suit” for my morning commute, an HB9 that I have seen on the train multiple times sits next to me, instead of waling by. I fail to open as I have not thought of a good opener yet, but sheesh, was she hot.
    Once I got to my connecting stop, the Massage Girl from my previous field report approaches me from an angle and opens me! This has not happened before, even in my days of being a decent natural. I tell her that I have bragged to my friends at work that I got a massage on the train, and that they were jealous of me. She immediately responds with “Do you want another one? Which is your dominant hand?” I say “My right.” and she starts right back in. Holy crow. We talk, she is pressing her leg against mine and then hits me with: “My husband…blah blah blah.” and she is doggin the dude. I immediately tense a bit, as I have taken as my code not to game married women. I disengage for a bit saying I need to change my wallet from my back pocket to my suit pocket. I check, and confirm there is no wedding ring / engagement band. I would not have escalated if I had seen them. I let her continue the massage but move the conversation to getting this into the friend zone ASAP.
    Regardless of any of this, having a woman give you a massage on a commuter train is major social proof. I just need to manage this properly. I do not want to mess with a marriage; sorry, but that’s how I’m wired.
    I have a murderous day at work. The Big Deal™ that I mentioned in another post was dropped on me. By the time I head for home, I feel like someone has beaten me about the head and neck with a large, cold, dead fish. I am in no state to run game at this point.
    I get on the train to go home when a HB9, dressed just how I like ‘em, sits kitty corner from me. Here, I have to say that reading “The Definitive Guide of Body Language” by Allen and Barbara Pease, ( is your friend here), was worth its’ weight in gold.
    She is sitting with her feet and one knee pointed towards me, she looks over and smiles, and I smile weakly back, (I’m *exhausted* brothers), and she starts playing with her hair, adjusting her pony tail, exposing the inside of her wrists and armpits to me, showing her breasts to their best advantage; and I would swear they were 38DD if they were an inch. Some other guys meander in, and surround her. One knows her and talks to her. The others, quite honestly, are not a very savory bunch. She continues her behavior towards me and one half of my brain is screaming: “Nines do not throw you IOIs!”, while the other half is howling “OPEN HER YOU FOOL!” There is an announcement and she takes her earphones out, (her excuse to ignore the guy who opened her), to ask ME what it was. (I am convinced a great well fitting suit, white shirt and high end tie is the perfect peacocking for Day Game). I answer and she smiles again.
    For almost the rest of the trip, I keep my big mouth shut because the other guys are looking at her like they are eight year olds at a birthday party, and she is the cake. I make damn sure I don’t wind up as the Piñata.
    Two stops before I get off the train, I stand up and say that I was trying to sleep, but the sun was too bright. She says I could have moved over opposite her, but I reply, “Yeah, but I don’t want to be *that guy on the train*. She rewards me with a brilliant smile.
    I have seen her three time since. Once, she just passed by and said “Hi.” The other time she sat in front of me, and I opened and gamed her while she had to stay in a slightly uncomfortable position to talk to me. (IOI). I did not see her for a while after that, until one afternoon, which told me she had changed shifts. I will see if I can’t make some adjustments myself to game her further. If you have been reading my prior posts, you will see that I have been trying my game out on 5’s-7’s, This was the first indication that I should step it up. I should note that on our second meeting she introduced herself and held her hand out to shake mine…..
    I have also posted elsewhere that I struck up a conversation with a guy I see every day as part of my routine. I found out that he has an interest in game as well, and as the conversation progressed, he indicated that he would be open to sarging with me. Cool. I have been looking for a wing. I shared what I know with him, and loaned my hard copy of Revelation to him. (Hope this doesn’t break any agreements with VA…. =) ). Dude’s a real go getter, working two jobs and developing himself as an artist. He is so good that I commissioned a drawing from him for my apartment.
    Well, we become friends, (I must have started talking to him mid April), and he invites me to a Memorial Day cookout. He said he has good success with the ladies, and while I take him at his word, I was not prepared for what happened that night.
    I show up with a case of beer, since it’s rude to come to a party empty handed and I don’t know his crew. He introduces me around and I had to chuckle to myself. I am the only Caucasian there. The Latino’s shake my hand like they are closing on a mortgage, not sure to give me the half embrace that is so common in their culture, like I might be put off or something. I say: “What the fuck man, I’m down with Jay, (not his real name), just treat me like everybody else.” To which I get the reply, “Cool man, sorry.” I reply that it’s no big deal and this breaks the ice nicely and everybody is back in a chill vibe.
    There is exactly one female present far away from where I am, and I decide that if she does not want to introduce herself, I am not going to be try-hard. I grab a beer and sit. Jay says: “Hold up a minute, let me get my friend M______.”
    I talk with the dudes seated around me, making friends and adding to the vibe when Jay comes back with a HB10. To me 10’s are rare, and she is definitely a 10. Gorgeous face, beautiful bust enhanced by her scoop neck T-shirt, wonderful hips, and a dazzling smile. Her skin is flawless, and I notice she is wearing no makeup. She glides next to me like a dandelion seed floating above the grass and sits right next to me, with Jay in a chair next to her.
    I ask how they know each other, since Jay hasn’t said she is his girl, and they reply they work together and are working on some artistic projects together, (she is a writer).
    I don’t want to mess with Jay’s game, but at the same time you don’t put fillet mignon in front of Shaitan without him going for his knife and fork okay? So I game her. I DHVs like it is going out of style, flipping the attractions switches in order: Pre-selection, Leader of Men, Protector of Loved Ones, Successful Risk Taker, and Willingness to Emote. As I run my game she starts playing with her hair, exposing her wrists, and her armpits, showing her ample bosom to its’ best advantage……
    Here guys, is proof. She is half my age, she is without doubt one of the most physically attractive women I have met, and by uploading DHVs she starts to show IOIs. Attraction is most definitely not a choice. The only thing I do not do, because I don’t know what her relationship with Jay is, is kino. I did not want to fracture my friendship with Jay by over stepping.
    I say my goodnights after a bit, as I have to get up at 5:30AM for work. M_____ puts out her hand when I say goodnight, and I kiss it, saying in French: “Enchante.” (Crap no accents available.) And she squeezes my hand…..
    I spoke to Jay today and he said that M____ thought I was mad cool. We’ll discuss this in depth. If possible, I will game further, if not, I will have her roll with Jay and I for social proof.
    I have found that by engaging in Day Game, and breaking the steps down bit by bit, I can sharpen my delivery, (without some boyfriend, husband, significant other the size of a major kitchen appliance bearing down on me), and when I enter the field at night, I can let what I have learned so far fly at greater speed and smoothness.
    I am not where I want to be yet. But I have proved to myself that the Mystery Method works. I am indebted to Mystery, Lovedrop, and Matador for producing Revelation, it is changing my life.
    Feedback welcomed with thanks in advance.

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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    Hey man, nice FR. Good writing, and very detailed info.

    I'm glad that you're practicing your game whenever you can, this is THE most important step in your development.

    It seems like you're managing to DHV well, since you're getting solid IOIs. Now you must learn how to enter A3, and continue your game.
    I'll give you 2 hints on how to do that: KINO and BAIT, HOOK, REEL, RELEASE.
    That will get you to A3. Do a little research on those subjects.

    There are a few points of improvement in your FR: According to what you said, you do miss a lot of opportunities on a daily basis.

    1- "I fail to open as I have not thought of a good opener yet, but sheesh, was she hot." - HB9 on train.
    2- “half of my brain is screaming: “Nines do not throw you IOIs!”, while the other half is howling “OPEN HER YOU FOOL!” - Another HB9 on train
    3. "The only thing I do not do, because I don’t know what her relationship with Jay is, is kino." - HB10 at the party.

    Well man, what do you want me to say? Of course you SHOULD have acted on those situations. Here's how to avoid making these mistakes again:
    1- ALWAYS have an opener in mind. (We usually recommend our students to memorize at least 2 good openers for ANY ocasion).
    2- LEARN how to game when you're out of state. You'll realize that forcing yourself talking to girls will actually GET YOU IN STATE. Just open, even if you don't feel like gaming.
    3- ALWAYS find out what is their relationship. You could easily have asked him discreetly: "So, are you dating this girl? I find her interesting. Is it ok if I game her?".

    Again, well done. Nice FR, keep'em coming!

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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    Bruno: First and foremost, thank you for taking the time ro read and respond to my post. I truly do appreciate it. I have purchased Revelations and will review it for the material you suggested. Excellent advice. I will also formulate two all purpose openers and test them in field within the next seven days and post the resukts here. The second HB on the train ipened me before I could open her. But you're right, I should have followed the three second rule. With Jay, he was already "happy" when I arrived. But, no excuses I should have made sure what was up and will do so in the future. For the moment, I am satisfied that my "canned material" for uploading my DHV spikes is solid. They are all true stories from my life so staying congruent is easy. I'm somewhat if an amateur actor and have delivered a half hour monologue from memory. So far this is the easiest part of PU for me. I will use all of your suggestions to improve. One question I have is in.meeting the 10, there were less 20 people there and they were all part of Jay's social circle. I thought any positive or negative would be magnified. Is there a subtle way to test the waters? I did ask "How do you know each other?" But that didn't exactly make things clear. Thank you again.

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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    Awesome, I can see that you're really commited to achieving your full potential as a man!

    About "testing the waters", the best way to do this is by being socially savvy. When you practice game long enough, you will get social skills that allow you to "predict" what's happening. You'll start to understand who's dating who, who's hitting on who, and who's just friends.

    We actually call it "Clairvoyance" in the Revelations book

    In the beggining you really have to ask. Be curious about people!

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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    Thanks for the kind words. But unfortunately, to paraphrase the comedian Kat Williams, "aPUA down! aPUA down!" Last week a guy in a motorized wheelchair ran over my foot. I have a hairline fracture in two metatarsals and have been laid up all week. I do have my two openers: "How do you feel about X?" Where X is a.recent event. Notice that I use "feel" not "think" since I want to engage their emotions not their logic. The other is non-verbal and trades on eye coding. Someone in the venue dies.something miscalibrated, I look at the target, slide my eyea to rhe offender and look up. The first has not been tested in field, the second opened an HB8 at a coffee shop right before I got hurt. Nearly n-closed her when her bf showed up and got testy with her, (not about my talking to her though. Once I can walk again, I'll let all of you know how things are progressing. Thanks again for your response.

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    Shaitan Multiple Field Reports - Long Post

    Update: HB sat next to me on the train, and I immediately opened. Managed to keep the interaction going, but honestly the pain sort of got in the way. I continue to work on stacking forward and am trying to work in BHRR.

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