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    Met this HB 10. She is a professional cheerleader. She is single. I talk to her on whatsapp from time to time. A lot of time has passed since I met her and we still haven't set up a day 2. I met her at University. I ran the cube everything. I think she is attracted to me. But she has a very no care attitude. What should I do to really grab her attention to show her that I want her but I don't need her and how do I set up the day 2? I haven't had enough time with her to really build attraction to use it. So. Where do I go from here???

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    be a man. a man leads. Take her where you want to go.

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    Hey there Mentalist, nice that you're gaming a cheerleader! They're hot

    Are you GAMING this girl, or are you just chatting?

    Why do you only talk to her on whatsapp?
    In what phase of the game are you right now?

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    there is no phase. it's just if you are going to do it or not.

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