Basically I've got two options. Stay on vacation for one more day, or go home. Was planning to go home, but then I met this girl.

I'm a sophomore in college, she's a senior in high school. We live in the same town. We met through mutual friends and I found her cute, but it didn't really look like she was interested much. Then tonight we sit on the beach and she comes and stands close to me as if she was trying to make me strike up a conv. Naturally I do. Given that she was shy I didn't really DHV or neg much so I don't come off as a jerk. That aside I think the conv went well as then she went to a concert nearby with her friends and have me a hug(only me).

The thing is, I told her I was leaving and she seemed disappointed. So here's my dilemma. I can probably push in one more day. So should I stay 1 more day and try to escalate things? Or should I go home, and try to reopen her on FB? Since we already are fb friends? I'd wait a few days and get home, cos it would feel more natural and not rushed, but then again steel should be hammered while hot right?

She's a HB9.5, and looks extreeeeemely shy, though I have a feeling she isn't as innocent as she looks.