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    Bad State

    The past few nights that I have gone out have not been really great. My state has been awful. When I go out I feel lethargic, bored, and sometimes even a little depressed. I just don't know how to get into a high energy and positive state. Any helpful hints or do you guys think this is part of a larger problem?

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    Bad State

    There is a great thread in THE BEST OF THE FORUM about state of mind. It is imperative that you get yourself into a high state (positivity, energy, send out good vibes to everyone around you). For me, I psych myself up before going out by having a few drinks possibly, cranking out some good pushups, telling myself good things in the mirror, listening to my favorite music, and reading threads on the forum or watching pickup vids on youtube. Then when I am out in the world, I just started saying things to people everywhere. If I am walking to the bar and I see a hot dog vendor or a person on the street I just say "How's it going? Great night!". Just open people around you before you even make it to the place where you want to pick up girls.

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    Bad State

    Three Warm Up Sets

    Use three warm up sets at the beginning of the night to get into a talkative state.

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    Bad State

    The Last Hour

    I know the feeling. Fortunately, Colgate has a brilliant post called "The Last Hour" in the blog section of this website. I follow the guidelines every night before I go out. What its really doing is getting you into a talkative state even before you arrive at the venue.

    By far the most important step listed there is the smile for 3 min straight. Try it right now for 3 min and tell me you aren't in a better state

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