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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!

    VA coach Subzero helped me create a routine stack that was quite two nights ago. I credit him for the most of this field report, I blame crappy glasses for the end of it.
    I entered my local bar near my college and found a set of 2 girls and 1 guy.
    Jigsaw: Hey guys, quick question! Is kissing cheating?
    All three of them agreed.
    Jigsaw: Hold on second. (I point at the two girls) Are you two best friends.
    Brown Hair Girl: Yeah
    Blonde Girl: We're close
    (You'll notice here that I cut the thread of the opener to transition to the Best Friend Test. Subzero told me this makes the conversation seem more organic and makes the group more comfortable talking to me.)
    Jigsaw: I can tell. You know what, I'm gonna give you the best friend test. Alright, do you two use the same shampoo.
    (the two girls look at each other)
    Jigsaw: You know what it doesn't matter you passed. It's because best friends always look at each other before they answer a question.

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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!

    I transitioned back to the opener thread. After that, I began to act like I was going to walk away.
    Jigsaw: Wait, before I go I have to ask. I notice your wearing rings. Do you normally wear rings?
    Brownhair girl: Just on this finger.
    Jigsaw: Interesting, I actually have a friend who a bit of the spiritual type and she taught me that wear you choose to put your ring says something about your personality. I don't know if I buy the whole thing, but she got my personality down pretty accurately. (I take a seat and continue to explain the meaning of each finger, ending with the finger or fingers her ring is on, which was her ring finger)

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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!

    Later in the interaction I asked how they all knew each other. The guy at the table was the boyfriend of the brown haired girl, so I began to try and figure out a way to attract and better know the blonde one. I didn't know exactly how to began doing that though so I just winged it, I didn't get to see how that would turn out though because while taking a sip of my drink...CRACK!
    My cup shattered and glass was in my mouth! I went to the bartender to show him what had happened. He took me to the back and put a cloth dipped in vodka in mouth. It healed quickly, but I just wanted to go home after that shit. So that's what happened last Saturday night. If anyone has any suggestions for what should have done before I got glass in my mouth let me know.
    Thanks again from Subzero for making me a routine stack (I got your edited version within seconds of writing this) and for the cool bartender for his amateur yet effective medic skills!

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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!

    jigsaw, congratulations for getting a routine stack, there can be loads of theories, but infield, it's only a tight routine stack that matters...
    Subzero is a very patient and generous man, it's a wise choice to work with him...

    let's talk about game..
    Here, I see you opened, multiple thread right away, great. But I didn't see you do any neg, you didn't run DHV stories( did he built some stories for you?), and I didn't see A3 material( qualification routines)....

    did you not run those routines because of the set or is it because it was not in your routine stack?

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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!


    Glad to hear things are going well.

    This ambition takes A LOT of practice, and determination....
    don't let anyone tell you differently.

    Just as a background I wanted Mr. Jigsaw to work on the first part of his routine stack up through "how do you guys know each other."

    We first had to tweak what he had. I lined up his material in a more attention getting sort of way, then worked on his delivery.

    My goal for him was to practice that part perfect before we continued onward.

    @Jigsaw, anything Strength adds here would potentially be your next stack forward OK?

    First focus on what we went through. Get good at it.

    That would be great if you mentor Jigsaw a bit. Give him some qualification and DHV material to experiment with.

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    Routine Stack worked great...then I cut my tongue!

    Hi Jigsaw, so I used Microsoft word to type out the materials for you. I resulted 2 pages =] Here, it would only fit 1000 letters, so it won't fit. Put your email here or PM me your email, I would send you the file=]

    2 pages of materials should be good. It goes from opening to comfort building. Work with it. These materials are some guidelines for your routine stack, use it.. but at a certain moment in the set where you thought about something great to say(such as something funny), just say it. Donít stick around the materials like a robot, but if you know the conversation is not going anywhere without materials, come back and stack forward!
    Keep up the good work, and let me know the results, if you have any questions, PM me. I do my best to help you=]

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