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    There is only one Helen Of Mine. .

    I'm not a seducer anymore , I am a guy who went through the cycle , but it forever changed me , I want to thank just this forum for remaining open all these years because it was a place I could write , be expressive , and its been a place I wasn't criticised for trying , just not doing. I really started this journey to overcome and I have , I'm truly grateful now that I have come so far. I have just one thing , it will change your life "Its all inside you're head , before you walked out the door you already determined whats going to happen , look to that and change you're destiny" with love - DaveyFresh" aka -TruTh-

    I'm dedicating this to someone special , if that person reads it , I'm a blessed man.

    Today the sun smiles , as though artimis soared through the clouds , and therefore may I quote the oldest of loves , the story of helen of sparta , and the seducer paris whom fell in love upon the sight of his helen , whom even war and the fall of troy was not enough to fell it. . I quote thee . .

    We first a crown of low-growing lotus
    having woven will place it on a shady plane-tree.
    First from a silver oil-flask soft oil
    drawing we will let it drip beneath the shady plane-tree.
    Letters will be carved in the bark, so that someone passing by
    may read in Doric: "Reverence me. I am Helen's tree."

    That I feel as paris who was asked to judge the three goddesses , Hera , Athena , Aphrodite, all to claim the apple and which amongst them was fairest , bathed in the waters of Ida , confronted nude atop a mountain bearing themselves to thy eye , as each inspected more did each goddess whisper upon my ear , Hera , her words. . I shall make you king of Europe and Asia. . all the world at your feet if you show me fairest. . then Athena , I shall grant you wisdom and all of which is skill in war. .all will know you. Nodding, both beautiful bearing such gifts upon this mere mortal. . but alas Aphrodite remained. I inspected her , and she whispered . . I give you nothing of power or glory , but I will beset upon thee the most beautiful women in all the lands. . Helen of sparta . . if you choose me fairest.

    I need nothing of power , glory , I am already a prince of Troy , I hath wealth. . but the most beautiful women in all the lands , this is a gift I accept and Aphrodite, you are the fairest as long as you beset the beauty of helen upon me. .

    (This earned the scorn of Hera and Athena , but alas it was decided and so Aphrodite, keeping the promise to the shephard - Prince set him upon sail , to the city of Sparta. . and abduction of Helen was upon his mind. . for never had this rack-hell seduced the most beautiful of them all. .

    Menelaus, welcomed the shephard - Prince with trust of political reason , that long the restless wars between the hounds of spartans , upon greece , and that which was Troy and her precious loyal legions ready to defend there beloved home would finally drink to friendship and the ills would renew a new peace. But alas Paris could only think one thought. . one desire. .

    Some say a host of horsemen, others of infantry and others
    of ships, is the most beautiful thing on the dark earth
    but I say, it is what you love
    Full easy it is to make this understood of one and all: for
    she that far surpassed all mortals in beauty, Helen .

    It was within the night , that paris crept the halls to Helen , and upon his stay every night therefore as well . . that the seducer was finally seduced , that he fell to love his Helen , though married to Menelaus. . the two could bear not to separate , and so along with her daughter , Hermione. On the last day of feasting. . boarded the Trojan ship and left Menelaus upon love of Paris. Stopped only once , upon a small isle , Kranai , the two consummated there love for one another , and then finally to Troy.

    This love was not without consequence , Menelaus in his rage , gathered all the armies of greece , the mightiest of warriors achilles among them born of a god and invincible in combat alas his heel , and sailed upon Troy

    Helen : Paris , my dearest how can I bear your people when every soldier in greece sails to rip my heart from me , and exact fire upon your people . . it is too much to bare. .

    Paris : Thou love , I swear before you I had never known warmth upon my love , never felt my heart beat as wild as it does at your sight , before you I was a shephard- prince. . a slave of loveless affairs. I hath never loved so greatly that I do not fear what comes , I fear the loss of your love. . the warmth it brings my very soul , the loss of you my love is like the sun lay slain forever , that you have forever freed me through your love and I shall not fear the armies at my gates , my helen. . you are the beat to my heart . . the dream to my night , the kiss to my lips , and the very breath I take.

    Paris : I swear that I hath never loved so greatly , that more words are songs , no army will become before me , and I swear if you weren't fire upon my veins , I would hath never known warmth . .

    Helen : I don't know what to say. .

    Paris : That I love you Helen , and what you say matters little for in hard times , That I hath never loved so greatly , that is everything for which I could aspire , and if thou is in belief that I shall never forsake you , love me greatly , and I shall lay waste to these armies , no army shall befall you , and I shall love greatly I swear it. .

    (This is totally a adaptation , but dude writing this was awsome. Its a metaphor , only one person will ever know what it means) => Like?

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    There is only one Helen Of Mine. .

    The Storm

    You are the lighthouse to me , that beacon in the nightly gales which stir me from the cliffs. That single source dotting the storming waves.

    You are like the stars in the sky in my heart , and when heaven and earth were first debating wither to keep all the beauty solely amidst that sky , thay devided them all equally , half to light the hopes of heaven , the other to love in the hopes of men.

    Every night I write about these stars and beauty , the beyonds of loving but nothing more then that north star in my heart , I cannot lesson her from my mind at any day , and she brightens me like all the stars of heaven ever could.

    I see the heavens loveliest star , and in my time I had possessed it. But by recklessly idiocy I was a foolish stone and not smart in the heat of what I should have said.

    That star is all I desire evermore among all of heavens stars..

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