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    How do i keep an old friend interested?

    I am a soldier deployed to the middle east and will be here for 4 more months. After my girlfriend and i broke up, i reconnected with a girl that was one of my sisters friends I fooled around with in high school. Come to find out, we have alot in common and shes super interested. Connected with emotions, used DHVs, storytelling, the cube. Shes into me for sure. How do I maintain this for 4 months until I get home?

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    How do i keep an old friend interested?

    Don't break the communication. And tell her what you want, so that she'll know and it'd be her decision if she'll want to wait for your return.

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    How do i keep an old friend interested?

    Have you done all of this through text? Email? Facebook? Shenual is correct in that you don't want to break communication. But be careful not to overdo it. There are some great posts on text game you should search. Even if you're using email rather than text the idea is the same. You say she's "Super interested", how do you know? Do you know what phase you're in?

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