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    PUA facts and fiction - part 2

    For the most part I have had the pleasure helping others who have good intentions. People who have the desire to connect with humanity and create real relationships.

    - Your goal should be to present who you really are......tell stories of YOUR life. Don't tell stories of having lunch at the W if you have never had lunch at the W.

    - Take the qualification process seriously. Don't ask qualifiers that you do not really care about. You're supposed to be screening someone to see if they REALLY are a match for you! If you are asking her "whats your nationality"......and honestly don't give a fuck about it.....why are you asking that question????????

    - Treat people like you want to be treated. I strongly suggest you use this skill to be a more effective communicator, and create choice in your life.....but not to create more choice at the expense of others.

    - Make the right decisions in life! Your ability to have a successful life.....will come down to your decision making ability......

    - If you go around hurting others, it will come back to haunt you. I have learned that people who behave badly will eventually receive justice. That guy who cuts everyone off on the road.....eventually cuts off the wrong guy.

    This ambition is about becoming the very best version of yourself.

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    PUA facts and fiction - part 2

    you are so right man, but damn sometimes the ego gets the best of people.

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